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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Home management 16

Clean small electronics , cell phones and headphones  with a disinfecting or alcohol wipe .

Do not discard the old tennis balls, instead use them to improve your kids ‘motor skills and for others a good fist exercise.

Do not pour paints and other inflammable solvents down the toilet or drain.

If something spills over while baking, pour table salt on it, and when the oven is cool, clean it.

If you need to remove ice build up in your freezer, use a plastic spatula and be very careful scraping ice away. Use old towels to sop up water to make the job mess-free.

Lemons Citrus can remove grime from your microwave.

Make a cut in your tennis balls and paste them on your walls to make creative letter holder, keys, hand towels, and pens.

Once a month check in your grocery for out-of-date items and discard them.

Store your left over paint that might be needed for touch-ups in an  airtight recycled take-out containers.

To clean your microwave, take a 4-cup large microwave-safe bowl. Pour 1 cup of water and a few pieces of lemon or orange or several tablespoons of vinegar. Set on high for several minutes .Wait for the solution to boil and the window becomes steamy. Let it to cool for 15 minutes .Open and wipe out inside. If the window is greasy, clean with a mixture of half vinegar and half water, then dry.

To keep your plants wet, take an empty  bottle and fill with water. Make a hole the size of the bottle neck, then quickly invert and plunge into the pot.

To keep your slippery tops and strappy dresses from sliding,loop wide rubber bands over the ends of their hangers.

To remember birthdays, anniversaries, and  other important events  use your mobile phone  to act as a reminder .

To remove the crumbs from a toaster, shake out the accumulated food and place some newspapers to catch the crumbs. Clean the window with a vinegar-and-water solution .Dry well and wipe down the outer surface.

To spot your remotes, sew a few pocket pouches on to your cushion and place the remotes .

Tomato juice is best to remove potent skunk smell. Even plain ketchup may work.

Use a tennis ball over the antenna of your car to spot your car easy in a crowded parking space.

Use ketchup over the copper to shine and if you have stubborn spots, add a pinch of table salt while you polish.

Use the free transparent plastic containers you get for storing beads, buttons, magnets, and thread. 

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