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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thanks for the visit to a clinic...

Today I went with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter to the children's clinic as Anoushka was suffering from cold, cough and fever. Our appointment was for 12. 45 pm but by the time we reached the clinic which is 3 km from our house,it was 1.20 pm. I just went upstairs and as soon as I entered the reception cum waiting area, the few words I uttered were, 'My God!' no place to sit and it was full, though I anticipated this I never imagined to this extent. This was my second visit to the clinic. 

Most of the child patients were accompanied by their parents, in one or two cases without the father and one couple with the baby sitter with their 8 month old  baby boy , the other only the mother and the baby sitter along with the kid.

Our number was 13th and we were finding a place to sit. In the mean time, a helper came and gave me a chair. I saw a young man ( ? ) carrying a four year daughter , so I offered him the chair, he without even thinking said to me, ''no, no you  please sit, my wife has sent me to carry my daughter '' the tone was like he had come reluctantly and he was  sent forcibly. I just smiled but I could picture what would have happened at home, it could be that he never bothered to escort her to the clinic or he was shirking his responsibility or she could not spare her time this day, or he was irritated by seeing the crowd at the clinic.. GOK !

Next was almost 10 father parents were all the time busy with their mobile phones,  some of the mothers also were busy and not to mention the two mothers with the baby sitters in toto.

The kids were left to themselves playing with the kids' play toys placed at the waiting lounge. Our child was the one busy singing nursery rhymes,  playing , ''land, water, river, sea, ocean and talking to us, going around playing 'show me, show me''.She really had a lot of fun. 

The couple with the baby sitter asked the ayah to feed their  8 month old child and she politely said hat the lunch box was left at the couple's office, it was 2.00 pm. The mother asked whether she had brought biscuits and she nodded affirmatively, immediately took out a small plastic dabba which had 2 biscuits, she put a few spoonful? .. absolutely no measurement, it was all thro' her eye- measurement and poured again no measurement, mixed well with a spoon and fed the child who ate in less than 5 minutes, either the child must be hungry, or used to eat fast ! The mother should have reminded the babysitter about the food, for no fault of his the boy had to adjust with the biscuits. 

Sneha always carries water, biscuits, fruits or any eatable for the kid wherever she goes, she never goes empty handed and many times she had offered the other kids also. 
One cannot predict what would happen once you step out of the house, adults can lay their hands on cold drinks, beverages, or any fast food with kids it's not so.

After some time the baby sitter mixed 'Nan 1 or 2  powder with water and gave it in a bottle. This baby sitter is paid Rs. 8000/ pm for her 8 to 7 job. She accompanies the parents with the child to their office as they own two toy shops .

The father was busy with his phone later the mother joined and the baby was playing in the rocking ducky. 

Almost 60 % of the parents seem to be wedded late or had children late, from their looks I could make out they are not young. A couple had come directly from their offices as they had their ID card hanging around their necks, the child had her grandma with her apart from her parents. In the middle of these the Doctor went and had his lunch which took only 10 minutes in the same floor in a separate room. 

The other babysitter parent was nicely sitting and the baby sitter was with the baby girl, mixing milk for her playing around, changing her nappy etc. 

I was enjoying the activities going on and was mentally judging them. 

Our turn came, met the doctor, he examined Anoushka. Yesterday when she started throwing tantrums, I was trying to pacify her and suddenly I found she could move her right eyebrow without any other movement especially her eyes. I immediately told her about it and made her see fro herself in the mirror. She was thrilled because I could shake my nostrils, my mother nose and ears . (which she knew and has seen) Then with the new found trick she forgot her crying and she shpowed her amma, thatha, and was telling Nagraj, the driver to look at her eyebrow when he was busy driving!

She wanted to let know the doctor about her trick talent, skill...? 

She was very cooperative when he examined her.  After the doctor examined her, and Sneha was busy talking to him, she came to me pulled my saree and said with a wink , 'patti you tell the doctor about my eyebrow'. Twice she did this to me and not to disappoint her I told the doctor about it.He was so happy after her 'show' / display ... he called her and hugged her and gave her two smily stickers on her hands.  He addressed her, 'kannukkutti' .( a calf

Finally the doctor gave her medicines to treat her for the viral fever which is very common in Bangalore now due to the windy, breezy sudden rainy weather. 
A good topic for my post... thanks for the visit to a clinic...

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