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Sunday, July 27, 2014

How do I feel?

I, from the beginning of my life and to my knowledge, never felt shaky in the presence of my friends or relatives. I always felt I should never compare myself with others as I am in no way similar to them.It never gave me neither a superior feeling nor inferior . Never , i was jealous of anyone.I only felt I should do my best to reach a particular level like others who excelled in life and it made me strong and find out ways and means to  reach my aim. 
I always felt strongly that no way being negative is going too help me in anything which I wanted to do. 

I feel sick when I see people comparing and weighing others with their own parameters and it is not going to take them anywhere.Each one's talent, gene, resources, facilities, opportunities, attitude, presence of mind .... everything is different. Siblings from the same parents do not perform the same.So, why should anyone be jealous and fret for unknown reasons? Jealousy brings a negativity and this ruins one's life, most negative persons breed jealousy, hatred and depression which in turn has its effect on health and family relationship - the two main factors for a healthy living!

 The one who is contented and looks ahead to move excels better than who keeps on looking back  grumbling for no reasons.

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  1. Shambavi Chandru
    9:17 AM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    It's not so much as others' merit as one's own insecurity born out of self doubts -which is the reason behind such comparisons and jealousy.

    I have an acquaintance who is good in certain fields, but she looks to adulation and wah wahs from others to validate her merit. And she can never tire of them and is always seeking constant flattery. When that doesn't come, she feels insecure and starts singing her own praise or starts putting others down so that her stock would be on the rise.