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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home Management part 13

Baby oil   polishes chrome. Apply a little to a cotton cloth and use it to shine bathroom fittings.
Bake cupcakes directly in ice-cream cones.
Help shoes keep their shape and smell fresh by stuffing them with newspaper after wearing them.
Hold a tooth pick under the centre of a button so you don’t stitch it on too tightly.
Roll up pairs of stockings or leggings and wrap hair ties around them to keep the rolls from unravelling.
Running an ice cream scoop under hot water helps to soften ice cream for scooping.
Scrub the crayon marks with hot water and detergent, after using a hair dryer on the marks till they become soft.
Seal the end of a frayed shoelace rather than running out for a replacement.
Slide empty toilet paper tubes over wrapping paper to keep it from unraveling.
Spot iron wrinkles by lightly dampening the area and then heating the wrinkles with your dryer.
Stitch a thick plastic sheet as a layer underneath picnic blankets, carpets to avoid soggy bottoms and grass or mud stains.
To avoid bleaching add —1/4 to 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle to whites.
To keep a set of earrings together on your next overnight jaunt, fasten them to a button so they won’t get lost in your suitcase pocket.
To find tiny lost items like earrings put a stocking over the vacuum hose. 
To keep the skin smooth just like bath oil -use a conditioner.
To remove paper stuck from shelves or stickers / labels use a hot hair dryer thro the edges.
To remove the deodorant mark ,use a  baby wipe to-remove stains.
 To remove the grass stains, soak the part in a mixture made of hot water and sugar, after an hour wash.
To set the icing on a cake quickly, use an hair dryer, the air and the heat will quicken up the process.
To soften ice cream for easy scooping use a hair dryer on the carton.
Use clips to prevent silky sleeveless shirts and dresses from slipping off the hanger.
Use torn place mats to prevent the formation of water rings on the surfaces on furniture.
Use your hair dryer to clear the foggy bathroom mirror...........
Use your old cassette cases as a mobile holder by opening it and keep it folded.
Use  place mats as coasters while storing the bottles and jars containing sticky stuff  .
Vinegar neutralises the alkali left by shampoo.

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