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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ten Websites You Should Definitely Bookmark!

The internet holds billions of websites. Some of them offer great services and can be extremely helpful in our modern living, while some are just filler. And although we consider 

the best of the lot (wink wink), we'd like to update you about some of the best web-based (no download required) services out there.
So, without further a-do, here are the top ten websites you should definitely bookmark!
Grooveshark - Play any music you want!
Can you find any song in the world ever recorded on Grooveshark? Maybe not quite yet, but the music library on this site is nothing short of amazing. Grooveshark is also extremely good at finding tunes and adding them to your playlist in accordance with you  wishes. The "Grooveshark Radio' recommendations also play in a way you are more used to, using your taste as a reference point to get you what you like. 

1DayLater - Freelancer, get half your job done for you!
This simple interface helps freelancers, to track all their time, mileage,  and expenses for later billing, so you'll never forget what you need to hand in with an invoice and when.

8. Dropbox  - Get web-based space for all your important documents and photos!
Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easilyToday, more than 50 million people across every continent use Dropbox to always have their stuff at hand, share with family and friends, and work on team projects. 

7. Geni - Grow your family tree and link it to others!
Geni is a real fun treat. You can grow your entire family tree, including the ability to upload real photos of the people, and find all different ways to connect them as well as connecting your tree to others. You may find some really amazing surprises in your family's history!
6. Showoff the Visualizer - Redecorate your house without lifting a single piece of furniture!

This web app is a God-send for those who want to make some changes to the décor of their house but have a hard time visualizing it while moving stuff around. gives you the ability to upload a photo of the home and then visualize the changes you are going to make, like moving furniture around or changing the lighting, so you can actually see what it would look like. 

5. Dailylit - Rnjoy reading books in installements sent to your inbox!
Do you try to read your favorite books but can't find the time? This excellent website will send you sections of your favorite books so you can read them in installments!  Did we mention it's FREE??
4. Yapta - Get a refund on overpriced airline tickets!
Yapta is a great site for anyone planning to fly domestic or international. This great website offers two services: It will check all flight prices and alert you when the lowest ones are available (i.e. someone cancelled). But in our opinion, its BEST service  is AFTER you've bought your tickets. Yapta will continue looking for cheaper tickets and will get you a refund from the airline if your tickets are more expensive!
 3. Retailmenot - Get updated and save money with the very best coupons for any shop or service!
Retailmenot is a super handy site for those smart shoppers who like to find good deals, especially for shops and services they use on a regular basis. You will get email notifications on hot new coupons coming out, so you can take advantage of them immediately!

2. Google Voice - Make FREE phone calls from an completely web-based service!
Most voice over IP and messaging services (think Skype) require a download, but not Google Voice. It's a completely web-based inbox for voicemail (which it transcribes) and text messages, and it will even help you place a call on your own phone. Pair it up with your other voice services and you'll have a communication power tool. (It's free, but calling overseas can cost you.)

1. Jolicloud - An amazing virtual desktop with all your apps, facebook photos and videos!
Want to get access to the apps above and more in a made-to-match, online space that you can access swiftly from any computer you want? Jolicloud is just that: a webpage "desktop" where you can get access to applications like Gmail, Office Live, and much more—even the web-version of downloadable tools like Dropbox, Skype, Google Voice, or VLC player. Jolicloud has its own app center, so you can add more at any time!

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