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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Juice Therapy: An effective medicine

Method to extract juice
1.Crush fruit/vegetable and than extract juice from it by using cloth.
2.Churn pieces of vegetables and fruits with some water in mixer.
3.Churn fruit/vegetable with or without seeds.
Things to be remember
1. Always fresh fruits and vegetables should be purchased.
2. Fruits and Vegetables should be washed with warm water.
3. Fruits and Vegetables should not be preserved for long time, as it already had lost several of their essential vitamins.
4. Fruits ripened artificially with the help of chemicals should never be selected.5. Always churn for a little long time so that we can get the benefit of nutritional essence of the fibers and rinds of vegetables. 6. If the rind of fruits and vegetables is tender, churn it. 7. Juices of fruits and vegetables should be used immediately because preserved juices come into contact with oxygen in the air and destroys their precious vitamins.
Sometime juices of various Fruits & Vegetables also act as a medicine. It not only purifies blood but also removes poisonous & toxic element from our body & also creates new cells in the body.
Along with Medical treatment, juices of following eatables are also effective on specified disease.
Effective juices & their combinations.
Acidityl Cabbage + Carrot l Cucumber + Potato + Apple + Sweet Lime+ Watermelon.
Acnel Carrot + Spinach l Potato + Beetroot + Cucumber + Grapes l Watermelon l Papaya l Massage Papaya or Potato juices on the face.
Anemial Mixed juices of leafy vegetables l Beet root l Cabbageu lBitter-gourd l Apricot l Grapes
Asthmal Carrot + Beet-Root + Cabbage l Mixture Of Juices Of Leafy Vegetables l Potato + Apple l Garlic l Papaya
Bronchil Warm Water + Ginger + Honey + Lemon Juice l Warm Water + Garlic + Onion l Radish l Cabbage l Beet-root l Cucumber l Carrot.
Cancerl Carrot l Grape l Beet-root l Apple l Ginger l Papaya l Tomato l Wheat grass.
Choleral Beelee Fruit + Mint + Garlic + Onion + Warm Water l Coconut water.
Coldl Lemon Juice + Warm Water l Ginger l Orange l Carrot l Radish l Garlic.
Cardiac troublesl Honey l Coconut water l Papaya l Pomegranate l Pineapple l Garlic.
Colitisl Carrot + Spinach l Cucumber l Apple l Beet-root l Papaya l Beelee l Orange.
Constipationl Spinach + Carrot l Potato + Cucumber + Apple l Fig l Bilee l Guava l Orange.
Coughl Warm Water + Honey + Lemon Juice l A glassful of Carrot juices + T.s each of Garlic + Onion + Basil.
Diabetesl Rose apple l Tomato l Cucumber l Lemon l Bitter gourd l Carrot l Cabbage l French bean.
Diarrheal Beelee Fruit + Apple + Garlic + Green Turmeric l Beet Root + Pineapple.
Spruel Thick buttermilk l Hold Pineapple Juice in mouth for a while & then swallow. l Warm Water + Garlic + Onion.
Eczemal Carrot + Spinach + Leafy Vegetables l Papaya l Watermelon l Potato juice may be rubbed externally on the affected skin.
Eyesl Carrot + Leafy Vegetables l Reduce the intake of sugar.
FeveruWarm Water +Honey + Lemon Juice uWarm Water + Garlic + Onion u Cabbage u Gourd u Basil u Pomegranate u Orange + Sweet Lime.
For beautifying complexionl Tomato + Turmeric l Beet Root + Apple l Guava + Papaya l Cucumber juice should be drunk as well as applied externally to the skin.
For freshness and coolingl Water Melon l Pineapple l Apple.
Fracturel Alfalfa + Spinach + Pot Herb + Fenugreek + Drumstick + Bishops l Water melon l Carrot l Guava l Papaya l Awla.
Goutl Warm Water + Honey + Lemon Juice l Warm Water + Garlic + Onion l French beans l Cherry l Potato.
Headachel Ginger l Carrot l Beet root l Cucumber l Tomato l Cabbage l Apple.
High blood pressurel Garlic + Basil + Wheat grass l Carrot l Beet root l Cucumber l Papaya l Alfalfa l Orange
High cholesteroll Basil l Garlic + Onion.
Impurity of bloodl Carrot + Spinach l Cabbage l Beet root l Tomato l Lemon l Apple l Bitter gourd l Tbs of green turmeric.
Indigestionl warm water + lemon juice l A spoonful of ginger l Papaya l Pineapple l Cucumber l Cabbage l Garlic + Beet Root + Spinach.
Infertilityl Fruits & Vegetable Containing Vitamin E Like l Awla l Carrot l Spinach l Apple l Tomato etc. l Wheat grass.
Insomnial Apple + Guava + Potato l Carrot + Spinach (juice should not be taken after 6 p.m.)
Jaundicel Bitter gourd (empty stomach) l Gourd + Carrot + Beet Root + Cucumber + Apple l Papaya + Green Turmeric + Grapes + Orange + Sweet Lime l Sugarcane.
Kidney stone/sl Carrot l Cucumber l Beet Root l Apple l Pumpkin l Coconut Water l Avoid Taking Juice Of Lea l Magnetized Water.
Loss of appetitel Lemon Water l Bitter Gourd l Carrot l Ginger.
Menstrual disordersl Carrot l Papaya l Pineapple l Grapes l Mixed Juices Of Leafy Vegetables.
Migrainel Lemon Juice + A Spoonful Of Ginger Juice.
Nausea and Vomitingl Pomegranate l Papaya l Lemon l Orange l Pineapple l Tomato
Nervous disordersl Green Leafy Vegetable l French beans.
Pilesl Carrot l Potato l Fig l Leafy Vegetables l Onion Juice Is An Excellent Remedy For Oozing Piles.
Pneumonial Warm Water + Garlic + Lemon + Honey l Warm Water + Garlic + Onion l Basil l Sweet Lime l Orange l Carrot
Pregnancyl Take Particular Care To Have Enough Of Vitamins A, D, and C and of Iron. Take Freely Juices Of Carrot, Tomato, Apple, Fig, Beet Root, Gourd And Leafy Vegetables.
Problems regarding teethl Carrot l Apple l Guava l Orange l Chew Leafy Vegetable l Lemon Juice (minimize the use of sugar).
Prostate gland troublesl Pumpkin Juice Is An Excellent Remedy For These Troubles. l Beet Root + Pumpkin.
Pyorrheal Carrot, Guava, Apple Before Eating And Also Take Their Juices l Lemon l Orange l Leafy Vegetable l Occasionally Make Use Of Garlic + Onion.
Rheumatisml Carrot l Cucumber l Cabbage l Grapes l Bitter Gourd l Apple l Coconut l Wheat Grass
ScurvyJuices Of Citrus And Sweet Fruits Like l Awla l Guava l Alfalfa l Radish l Papaya l Potato l Lemon l Orange l Sweet Lime l Pineapple lCherry etc.
Skin diseasesl Carrot + Spinach l Beet Root l Cucumber l Turmeric l Watermelon l Guava l Apple l Sweet lime l Potato And Papaya Juice.
Sun strokel Amla l Tamarind l Orange l Sweet Lime l Watermelon - Melon (mixed or separate juice)
Throat troublesl Warm Water + Lemon Juice + Honey l Carrot + Beet Root + Cucumber l Warm Water + Ginger + Garlic + Onion l A Tablespoon Green Turmeric.
Tuberculosisl Carrot l Garlic + Onion + Honey l Necessary Medical Treatment Should Be Taken.
Typhoidl Warm Water + Lemon Juice l A Glassful Of Warm Water + A Tablespoonful Of Garlic - Onion l Pomegranate + Sweet Lime + Orange + Basil.
Weakened sexual drivel Carrot + Spinach l Beet Root + Cucumber + Apple l Pumpkin.
Weightl Carrot l Cucumber l Tomato.
Wormsl A Glassful Of Warm Water+ A Tablespoonful Of Garlic & Onion l Pumpkin l Fenugreek + Mint + Papaya.
Peptic ulcersl Cabbage l Cucumber l Papaya l Potato.
Influenzal Warm Water + Lemon Juice + Honey l Warm Water + A Tablespoonful Of Garlic - Onion l Carrot l Orange l Sweet Lime.
Internal Hemorrhagel Apple l Lemon Juice l Carrot.
Osteoporosisl Leafy Vegetables l Radish l Cabbage l Sprouted Pulses l Take Food Rich In Calcium, Vitamins D and C and Protein.
Rejuvenationl Carrot l Orange l Spinach l Wheat Grass l Awla
Renal diseasesAll fruits are diuretic. so give relief in the Burning Sensation, Kidney and Urinal Disorders. l Beet Root l Carrot l Cucumber l Melon lWatermelon l Grapes l Pineapple l Coconut.
Splenomegalyl Papaya juice is most effective in this disease l Rose Apple l Lemon l Green Turmeric l Garlic l Onion l Carrot.
Gastric ulcersl Cabbage Juice Daily l Cucumber l Papaya l Potato l Avoid Taking Fibrous Eatables.

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