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Friday, May 2, 2014

DEVOTION----TRUE and INNOCENT-Part 3(English)

This ‘boy’ sang the song ‘vinaayakuni’; and you, whose name is the same as HIS , intrepeted the song that, the composer Sri Thyagaiyer was asking Ambal to give the same protection that She gives to Her son ‘Vinaayaka’ . May that happen to you also!”------said the Avathar of Ambaal, who took the Avathar for the purpose of speaking the language of love and affection.

The feeling of anger that I initially developed towards that ‘boy’ ,kept changing its shape during this time and now, finally, it turned into a sense of gratitude. “ Because of him, I benefited a lot and learnt a lesson too”---I said.

SriSaranar looked at him and said, “ Look! This big writer is so fond of you! But, for that sake, do not read whatever he writes and get into trouble! If he gives you any money, do not touch it! Also, if he offers you a car ride, don’t accept it!”

I enjoyed this as what Periava told him is one hundred percent true and logical.

The ‘boy’ said, “ I will not read anything Periva! I will not understand also! I don’t accept money from anybody., and never aspired for car rides! All that I want is ONLY Periva’s anugraham!”

“ I will give it to you as much as you want!”------Periava told the ‘Baagyasaali’ ( the fortunate one) ( After all this, why call him ‘singer’ or ‘innocent’ or ‘boy’?). It is time for you to leave. Go and prostrate before Sri Chandramouleeswarar and come back quickly; I will give you Prasaadham.”

“ which God is Chandramouleeswarar? And where is that temple?”-----he asked Periava; his ignorance made my eyes wet!.

“Chandramouleeswarar is the God of this Matam. Look there ( He showed His hand in that direction), we keep Him there. Go and prostrate and come back.”

“ Is not Kaamaakshi the God of the Matam?”------he asked.

“ She too is the God of the Matam; but, as She is for the whole world, She resides in a temple in Kanchipuram. She looks after this Matam also. But for us here to perform pooja---of course for the benefit of the whole mankind-----She has sent Her Husband in the form of a ‘Linga’ ( such simple language for simple persons to understand) and She also sits by His side in another ‘Roopa’ ( He didn’t baffle him by mentioning the words ‘Sri Chakram’ and ‘Meru Prasthaaram’ ). As the whole thing is covered with ‘kavacham’ and garlands and flowers, you will not be able to distinguish between them as ‘Lingam’ and ‘Ambal’; so do not search for it. Think that ‘Swami is here’ and prostrate and quickly come back” 

I think He sent him there so that He can express what He hasn’t, in his presence. He continued to me, “ Suppose you send him in a car and he goes to that village and gets down from the car, it is possible that he may get a feeling of ‘high—flying’. Why all that? No living conveniences for him, no status, no intelligence, and no ‘Vidhvath. Yes, none of those for him! I will tell you some thing.

“For some time now, a music teacher has been coming to me for Dharsan; he knows some thing; more than that he seems to be a man of patience. If I ask him, he may teach him music free of cost; even otherwise, I can ask some body else to take care of the fees. But I don’t want to expose him to anything like that ( same expression ‘expose’!). He doesn’t need to master singing. Let him be what he is; let him sing as he does now.”

“In the present days of wise people, those who are not smart, let them be like that. Let us not spoil him ( the expression ‘spoil’ is more vigorous this time!). That is what I feel.”

The above statement, borne out of His perturbed mind by seeing day in and day out, people, who bring evils on themselves by valuing any thing and every thing on the scale of intelligence and knowledge, without realizing that such faulted valuation only brings disasters, disturbed me a lot.

Without knowing who is Chandramouleeswarar, but blessed by the walking Chandramouleeswarar as an antidote to today’s wise people, the ‘Baagyasaali’ returned just then.

“ Come on, do Namaskaaram quickly, it is late”---said Periava.

With no desire to leave that place and eyes full of tears, he prostrated.

With such love and kindness as cannot be expressed in words, SriSaranar caressed the sacred ash, kumkum, Akshatha, sugar candy, dry grapes which were in the plate in front of Him. It was as though He invoked that ‘Baagyasaali’ into that Prasaadham and caressed him as Ambal caresses Her son Vinaayakar. 

He then deftly raised His head and hands towards him looked at him with eyes full of love and affection, and signaled to him to take them.

“ As per the song which you sang, May Ambaal protect you as She protects Vinaayakka.”-----He raised His hand and blessed him!

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