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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sharpness about the Shastras

Sri Maha SwamigaL was once camping in an old PiLLaiyAr temple in the village 'Chinna Tippa Samudram' near Madanapalli.

People used to refer to the name of the place only as 'CTS' instead of using its full name. It was the occasion when Sri Sankara Jayanti was round the corner. Considering it, Sri Kalluri Veerabhadra SastrigaL, an ardent devotee of Sri PeriyavaaL, and I took a bus from Chennai and reached 'CTS'. Both Sri Kalluri Veerabhadra SastrigaL and his brother were both experts in Sanskrit. They were natives of Andhra Predesh. Sri Pujya pAdAL himself knew about their 'vidvat' (scholarship). He used to come often and meet Sri PeriyavaaL.

Sri Sankara Jayanati was to come two days after we went there. During that time there were only three men to do the 'kaingkariyam' (service) to PeriyavaaL; (whereas) between thirty and forty people used to come daily for the darshan.

There was a 'dhanika' (rich man) in that place, who had a large family. He was Sri PeriyavaaL's 'parama bhakta'. The arrangement was that it was only in his house the devotees who came seeking darshan of Sri PeriyavaaL had their stay and meals.

Sankara Jayanti was celebrated grandly in the place where Sri PeriyavaaL was staying. Sri PeriyavaaL ordered Sri Kalluri Veerabhadra SastrigaL to give a 'vAkyArtham' lecture.

Sri PeriyavaaL himself explained that the name Sankaran was given to Sri BhagavadpAdAL in accordance with the kaTapayadi saMkhya. Paddy seeds in the manner of 'virai dAnam' were distributed. Then we all went to the tanikA's house and had our 'bhojanam' (meal) there.

On the next day was scheduled in the rich man's house the Upanayanam function of his grandson. On the morning of the Upanayanam Sri PeriyavaaL called the two aNukkat-toNdars (personal assistants) Ramakrishnan and SriKanTan and ordered, "Today is the Upanayanam in their house. Ask the people who have come here, not to have their meal in the Upanayanam house. Both of you cook the meals and serve them here." He also asked the 'tanikA' to be informed of this decision.

A great shock for the 'tanikA'. 'What mistake have we committed?' was his worry; with an yearning if he should not get the 'puNyam' of having fed the Sankara Bhaktas.

He felt like wailing. Maha PeriyavaaL was informed of his sorrow. The reply he gave was: "They would perform the 'nAndI shrAddham' in the Upanayanam house. The Shastra says that others should not have a meal in the house where 'nAndhI' is performed. So I asked for the arrangements to be made here."

No doubt that Sri PeriyavaaL demonstrated this Shastra related 'kAryam' for all the people. How many people familiar with the Shastras know about this scriptural injunction?

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