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Monday, April 28, 2014


Along with my friends in Bangalore we formed a association in the name of Jagadguru Bhakttha Sabha somewhere during 1982-83. Once when I was participating in the bhajans in a Kannika Parameswari Temple I saw a small girl with a smiling face standing near a window inside the Temple. Suddenly I lost speech and the Bhajan was stoped. I returned home. After some months I had epilepcy attack and was taking treatment. 

Our association president(cloth merchant) who was a astrologer saw my horoscope and said you don’t have any decease. With a blessings of a Guru you will be alright. After some months I went with my wife, daughter and son ( who where young) to Kanchipuram. Mahaswamigal was giving darshan from a raised platform. There was crowd. I moved in the line, framing the words in mind to talk to Mahaswamigal. When my turn came I lost my speech. Mahaswamigal blessed and we moved. 

Once I came out I recovered. We went outside and returned after taking our breakfast. There was crowd and Mahaswamigal was not there. We were standing in the back of the crowd. We wanted to take utharavu. After some time Mahaswamigal appeared on the platform. He started searching with his right hand palm over His eyes in the crowd. He waved his hand and called. People in the crowd before me responded. He spoted us and waved HIS hand calling. We went on top of the platform. HE took us inside a room , sat on the floor.We offered our sashtanga Namaskarams. Suddenly a assistant appeared there and asked us how you came inside. Mahaswamigal told him that He only called. I prayed and explained my inability to talk while in the line. Mahaswamigal blessed and said “Kamakshi Irukka Kapathuva”.
He asked the assistant to take Kalkandu and Drakshai. HE gave to my children. With Kumkuma prasadham and kalkandu,drakshai we came out. I realized the Karunyam of my Deivam. 
From that day I am completely free. I realized the Kamakshi Kadaksham.With the blessings of Mahaswamigal my children got married and living a peaceful life. 

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