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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

May you live like a King!

An elderly gentleman who had not long before fractured his leg was seated wearily outside Sri Matha. When Sri Periyaval passed by the main door, he looked out and noticed him. A devotee who had come for darsan stood near Periyava.

"Will you do me a favour?" Periyaval asked the devotee.

The devotee was thrilled from head to foot that Periyaval shouls say such a thing to him.

"As commanded!" his voice reflected his feelings.

"Get eight annas' worth of betel-leaf and grated areca nut. Give it to that aged man seated near the door step"

The devotee went to a box-shop nearby and got the betel-leaf and areca nut. He held it out to the old man with the words, "Please take this, grandpa!"

The old man's delight knew no bounds. He would not have been so happy had he given half a kingdom even. His grin betrayed the few teeth he had. "May you live like a king! May you live prosperously and for a full life! May your children prosper! I was restless without betel-leaf and areca nut since morning. I am not able to move around you see! Besides I had no money either. May you live like a king!"

The devotee went in to report to Periyava that he had fulfilled the command.

"What did the old man say?"

"He was very happy. He appreciated the timely offer and blessed me profusely".

"Did he say, "May you live like a king!"


"Look, what a blessing you have got!? Periyava moved away as he spoke. But the devotee could not understand how Periyava knew the yearning of the old man from just a passing glance at him in half a moment. I have no answer either.

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