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Friday, February 14, 2014

Vinaayaka setting an example

Every living thing on earth will be proud of something or some part of its body. 

For example, the feathers of a peacock are its highlight and it takes good care of it. Same way there is a type of deer called “kavarimaan” for which the tail is very unique.

For an elephant the tusks are the most important and mark its pride. So it keeps them white and sharp.

But what does this God Vinaayaka, who is an Elephant, do with it? He breaks one of the tusks and with that he writes the Mahabhaaratam.

This elephant showcased to everyone that it is more important to give shape to a text that is full of Dharma and dharmic ways, than having something which is a symbol of his pride, beauty and honour. 

It is because of this clear distinction that this elephant broke one of his beautiful tusks, and paved the way for writing of Mahabhaaratam.

This is the lesson shown by the Lord to all of us. For the sake of truthfulness, dharma and learning or knowledge, one should be ready to lose anything in his life. 

We also see that this is an example implying - God does not require any thing separate as a tool .This whole universe is His creation. But if Lord decides He can use anything as a tool or means to do what He desires. 

Once, his tusk had been used as a weapon to kill a demon while another time, it had been used to write the great epic Mahabhaarata.

On both the instances it was for dharma rakshanam. The Lord has set His actions as an example for us to follow – by being the ultimate role model. 

Let us pray to Vinaayaka, the elephant God, to bless us with adequate control of the senses and of the mind, so that we can develop “Vairaagya” and ultimately enter the path of “Moksha Saadhana”.

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