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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Malevolent Forces destroyed

Source: In the Presence of the Divine
Narratives of Experiences with Maha Periyaval - Volume 1
Translated by: Sujatha Vijayaraghavan

The sisters, elder and younger arrived, though not quietly. They came singing and dancing. They had been possessed by an evil spirit, and the person under the spell of such a malevolent force is known to suffer from "sanka dosa".

Periyaval was performing puja, seated in a thatched shed. The women grabbed the bamboo poles supporting the roof of the shed and shook them. None had the courage to go near them and stop them. Periyaval was totally absorbed in the worship. The misdemeanor of the sisters did not affect him in the least.

The diparadhana was done and finally the puja came to a finish.

The Manager came running to Periyaval with a petition. "Periyaval! These women must be calmed and sent away. It looks as if the shed is going to collapse any time now".

Periyaval smiled. Taking some water from his wooden pot, Periyaval sprinkled it on the women.

At once the women screamed, "I am leaving... I am leaving..." and ran out.

Exactly at that moment, a pipul tree crashed down. A large branch from a tamarind tree also broke and crashed down with a loud noise. It is said that malevolent forces always make their exit in an explicit and noisy manner. Several days later, the two sisters came for darshan in a quiet and dignified manner.


Another Incident

A malevolent force, invisible of course, possessed a woman and tortured her. If she sat down, it would press down upon her shoulders. If she attempted to run, it will follow her. chasing her all the way. At night, the lady could not sleep. It would slap the lady and wake her up, shouting into her ear. The lady would sit up screaming in fear. No exorcist or wizard could relieve the lady from the grips of the spirit.

Ramanathan, the lady's elder brother came to Periyava and prayed for his grace. Periyava gave him sacred ash and kumkum. No matter how hard everyone tried, it was not possible to apply the sacred ash on the lady's forehead. She would not let anyone approach her. She would take to her heels the moment anyone attempted to reach her. Ramanathan came back to Periyaval.

Periyava gave an esoteric design that had been etched on a tiny strip of metal and placed inside an amulet. Somehow, Ramanathan managed to tie it around the lady's neck. From that very moment, the lady recovered speedily and came back to normal.

She said joyously, "I feel as if a huge mountain that was pressing upon my head has been removed". Ofcourse, the sequel to the story is that the lady lived a healthy and happy married life and was blessed with children. 

Siva is the lord of ghosts and ghouls. So too our Archarya!

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