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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mahaperiava ("Gurunathan")

Author : Ra. Ganapathy.
Published by : Dhivya Vidhya Trust.

Mahaperiava ("Gurunathan") with mischief in His eyes and a smile on His lips, asked the person sitting before Him, " what is the name of the person who just went from here, do you know?"

The person replied ," Srikantan"

" No! If you say that way, it will be against the government's opinion."-------This is Periava.

The person simply blinked without understanding.

Periava enjoyed his perplexity for some time , and said," you should say, 'Thirukkandan', only then government will agree 

The devotee understood it now and laughed along with Him . "wherever the letter "Sri" comes, the same should be replaced with "Thiru". The govt. had decided that way, and it had appeared on that day's news paper! 

Names such as ' Srirangam', Sriperumpudur' etc. should be written as ' Thiruvarangam' Thirupperumpudur' etc. In that case how can we say 'Srikantan.?

Periava continued," but, it is a fallacy if we say 'Thirukkantan' instead of 'SRIKANTAN'. You know why?"---He asked and continued to explain the reason.

"Thinking that 'Sri' means only 'Lakshmi', the govt. is asking to change 'Sri' into 'Thiru'. But the word 'Sri' has many other meanings. It denotes snake, snake's venom etc. Like Tuesday , which is not suitable for Mangala karma, is named 'Mangalavaram', snake is also called 'Sri'. 'Srikantan' does not mean " the one who keeps Lakshmi in nis neck" indicating Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu does not keep Lakshmi in His neck, but keeps Her in His heart ( VAKSHA STHALAM) only. The correct meaning of 'Srikantan' is " the one who keeps snake or snake's venom ( He means the Aalahaala Visham) in His neck, and He is Parameshwaran or Neelakantan."

After this wonderful 'vyaghyaanam', He said again with a mischievous smile, " whether Srikantan is Thirukkantan or not, he is a thief! All of you are thieves! 

He continues," you didn't understand? what are "seemaan" "Seenivaasan' ? They are 'SRIMAAN', 'SRINIVASAN', converted as per this suggestion!' Sri ' has become ' SEE' in Tamizh. So, 'SEE' also should, herein after be called as 'Thiru', right?
" You have named me as "Jagath Guru", and all of you are my 'SEEDARKAL'( meaning Disciples), which means 'Thirudarkal' ( meaning Thieves). ;D

We all had a hearty laugh, including Him!

But look how He has pointed out the fallacy in such decisions. 

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