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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chi Chat with Ujji Gujji contd..,

Chit Chat with Ujji Gujji  (August 2013)

She is a bundle of energy and nowadays she has started talking a lot..........earlier it was ‘why’ now it’s ‘how’..She takes role play on her own sometimes she  becomes her teacher Dipti aunty, sometimes herself sometimes I become Anoushka with amma, patti, her athai anjana ,she jenicca.... the roles keep reversing as per her whims and fancies... She also likes role reversal for the children’s stories.. like The three pigs and a wolf,  A lion and  a mouse .......her favourite is the former.

She talks like adults and she likes to listen to any incidents and once you tell her she would like to hear the same anybody’s visit or any event in the house is like stories as we keep narrating it.. even if I miss out something she reminds me .you can see for yourself the videos.

She keeps building the blocks and says one building her appa’s and the other one thatha’s. She makes juice, soup, coffee, porridge , dosa, roti etc in her kitchen and offers to us..

She likes to answer the phone sometimes we won’t even know she had picked up the phone, she is very good in conversing all she need to know is who is on the other side, once she knows, she can continue her convo with them by asking about their family members ,,, nee saappittayaa? Yenna saappitta? ( had your lunch/ dinner? What did you eat? Etc. ..

Sh herself would put her finger under the tap, but will say, 'mamma see the finger is very naughty getting wet in cold water.'

She knows her appetite so well, if she is hungry, she would ask for food, water,snacks, she is very clear what is that she would like to have biscuits, nuts, idli, dosa, roti, bread, cheese..... We do not have to coax her to eat. 

 She never cries in the morning, she wakes up early to go to school, and gets ready without making any fuss or mess. After coming from school as she misses her amma, 'it's mom and me 'time for her, she will not respond if I ask her except saying' no, no' and she would point her index finger like the Tamizh movie comedian Vadivelu,and I have told her not to show like Vadivelu, fat she would shift to the thumb and say, 'no. no, Don't talk to me'.

She has very sharp ears she  like adults senses the movement of the lift in our block, her appa's car locking sound, amma's kinetic sound , the door if opened by someone, someone knocking at the door etc. 
We play 'Doctor, doctor and she repeats the instructions as her doctor gives her, she loves to use her instruments when she does the doctor's role. 

She never troubles, her drawing and painting set is ever ready on  the sitting room  center table and she often keeps going there and paints and does coloring with crayons, plays on her own with her toys, she has the freedom to pick up her toys, books and she loves to read and listen to stories .Sometimes mornings she comes out of her room and picks up her book and sits with it.  She can make her toys some cousins and she takes the role of the mothers.  

She likes to build blocks, and if she has picked up a lot of songs and vocabulary it's because she is thorough with the Barney, series and Tweenies series, these series of videos have so many rhymes, and so many words and events introduced at their levels and of course Sneha her mother who keeps talking to her passing her information patiently to work out at her level. The best part is you explain the reason to her she understands , many times when she is left at home for a few minutes she would ask for her appa or amma later when I tell her that they have/ she /he have/has gone to market, doctor, aunt's house, she will keep quiet and she would resume her play. Sometimes I sit with her and play, read books play carrom, solve puzzles or dance. She has picked up dancing after seeing Jenicca dance to Zumba music so whenever she wants to dance I play her the video, she sees it and dances along .....Her teacher says she loves dancing.

She knows each and every classmate of hers and comes and tells whatever happens that day. 

(January 2014) Her observation power is extreme, she just watches you once and picks up fast.

Once she asked her thatha to be her appa Arjun and she her mother Sneha, so when as sneha, she called Arjun, her thatha said, 'yes, sneha, ' immediately she said , no you should say, 'yes Sneh,' 'this is how appa calls . 
Next when I became her appa, she told me, 'Jun, do not stamp on my things.'
She saw once the ghee frozen and next time when it was melted she says, 'ghee has become watery.'

She likes to be her mom and I have to be her and she keeps calling me ' 'sweet heart' as she is addressed by her mom many times almost for each and every sentence and even by mistake if I forget I am anoushka, she reminds me, 'patti you are anoushka' .When Sneha came home, she told me, 'sweet heart  patti has come!' 

Most of the time it's school play and invariably she becomes Dipti or Mamta aunty or Asma aunty,and I am asked to do all things, dancing ,reciting nursery rhymes, action songs, etc including, asking me rather warning me, anu, do you watch TV?, No, don't watch' .

She has observed her teachers in the classroom and that too the way they sit, and meddle with their dupatta and she keeps her dupatta and does the same , sitting, standing and even talking over mobile and the topic everything is imitated by her, including the laugh in the middle. 

Recently she saw our ground floor uncle taking out his car and he lowered his glass window and was looking out to reverse, after seeing him she is asking Arjun, 'appa why is that uncle peeping thro' the window, why is he not looking thro' the two mirrors on the side like you ?'

Whenever I say , 'pattu, I want to come to Pitter Patter with you' she says,' you be at home patti', you stay at home , you are not small'.

You just ask her, 'how was your day?' she says, 'nice warm and busy'
you are angry, because i am excited, Once Sneha told her 'you are trobling me a lot, I am getting angry', she casually says,' you get angry, angry, I am excited',I was working on the laptop, I came running to hug her.

Once at night after saying good night to me, she says, ' patti, I have to get up soon, brush teeth have breakfast and go to Pitter Patter', she just loves going to school. 

When her thatha offered her more sheera/ soojie halwa, she says,' no more thatha' .
She loves peda, Kaju Katli and she herself says, I'll take one small piece, if I eat more, my stomach will pain otherwise Dr. Jagdish Chinnappa will do poke '.

She has her new friend named Rishab and whenever she has to talk about him , she clarifies saying that he is not the Rishab of Rishab , Kesav .( her appa's cousins ) Such a well behaved child she is , she keeps telling her friends about the good/ bad manners. She does not like boisterous kids, and those are cranky and talk loud, this applies to the guests at home. She is such a chatter box: with strangers she is like a mouse .Unless and otherwise she studies them  she won't open up. 

She listens to Tamizh rhymes and says them clearly which I feel many kids would not be able to say. Her pronunciation is far better and many words are pure Tamizh still she says them correctly even though they are not used in our everyday life.
She loves stories, a small incident can be narrated like a story she loves to listen to it, she takes her choice of book on her own and reads. She plays on her own with her kitchen set and prepares coffee, dosa, sandwich for her toys and us. She takes her toys as her students and imitates her teachers. 

Once when her thatha asked her to wake up her appa, she replies, thatha' he is your son, so you wake him saying, Arjun, wake up'.

Next was when her thatha touched Arjun's mobile, she comes to me and says, 'patti , thatha is touching appa's mobile''. I said, so what pattu, Arjun is thatha's son. for that she says, ' but he is my appa too, 'Indirectly telling me thatha should not touch her appa's mobile.

She has some things and I do not have I tell her patti doesnot have, she says immediately,'I 'll go to shop and get for you, OK'
She joins her amma whenever she makes rotis and all she needs is her rolling pin, board nd a little bit of atta. I become her and she her mamma, if I ask for rolling, she says' i can't give u my atta don't trouble me, do rolly roll.'
' Pandey come and take you, chottu come and take mama.'  'do not trouble,'.
 Wait sweetheart, darling she is crying , dont' go out with  Pandey, gestures..... eat roti, I  am waiting for you.' 

Recently anjana asked her to come to Baroda for Jenicca 's birthday as it falls on April 19 th, while playing and talking to her, Anoushka said, 'anjana athai, you first come in my birthday and then I 'll come in chikku's birthday , her birthday comes first on 4 th April, we were shocked and no one told her to do this 'samjotha' she herself said it.  

Now this week she has gone to Wayanad, let me see what she has in store for me to engage me in her conversation, I miss her rattles and rambles. 

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