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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Last Moments of Kanchi Periyava


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Last Moments of Kanchi Periyava – [Source Dinamalar Aanmiga Malar 5th May 2012]

Kanchiperiyava always used to lay importance on the veda vakya “maatha, pitha, guru, deivam”. The mark of a guru is not only to advise but to follow what they preach. Mahaperiyava practiced what he preached even moments before attaining mukti.

Periyava attained siddhi on 8th January 1994. The day before Periyava’s parents enlarged photos were brought to the Mutt which were planned to be placed at Periyava’s mothers native place at ‘Eechangudi’.

On 8th January 1994, one of Periyavas’ mutt attendant went near to Periyava to clean the wooden water jar kept for Periyava. Periyava asked the attendant “whether have you been to kalavai where my both Guru’s and Paramaguru’s brindavan is located?”. He then asked him to bring the enlarged photos of His parents which were about to be sent to Eechangudi and gazed at them for few moments. Immediately after this He attained siddhi. 

Thus He remembered His parents and guru at His last moment.

The Brindavana of Kanchi Periyava was constructed by the Birla family. Mahaperiyava showers his grace to all His devotees who visit His brindavan which is located inside the Kamakoti Mutt at Kanchipuram. Those who keep in their pooja room and worship the brindavana picture of Mahaperiyava, they are sure to attain his divine grace.

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