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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chettiyar and Periyava

Source: Sage of Kanchi blog

“Today is Banuvaram, where is Chettiar”, asked Periyava.

Balu Mama replied, “he has gone to Mantralayam”.

“No! He will definitely come to see Me today as he always comes on this day!”, said He.

The time was 11.30 pm and at the next instant Shri Chettiar was at His Feet, prostrating!

“What happened?”, asked Periyava!

“The brakes failed in the bus and all of us screamed out God’s names, but nothing happened”, said Shri Ramanathan Chettiar to Periyava.

“And then we cried out, ‘Only Periyava should save us!’. And immediately the bus stopped moving!”

Periyava calls out to Balu Mama and tells Him, “Yenda Balu! What is the bus made of? Does it have life? Is it not made with just metal and machine parts?”

“Yes Periyava!”

“Then how can the bus come to halt if these people called out My Name?!”, said the Sarveshwaran.

“If Periyava wills, the whole Universe can be made to come to a grinding halt”, cried Chettiar humbly to Him!

Periyava added later:

“Chettiar is filled with Bhakthi for Me from the inside of his feet up to the top of his head!”

Shri Chettiar and his wife broke down profusely hearing this from His Mouth!

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