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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Another interesting episode as narrated by SriMatam Balu mama.


SriMatam, camp in Ilaiyaaththaankudi.

A Government officer, along with his friends( four or five) was proceeding to Ilaiyaththankudi. They were conversing among themselves. In between many topics, came that of Mahaswamikal.

" Periaval knows Samskrit well..."
"He also knows Tamizh, Telugu and Kannada.."
He knows only a few words in English; may have a little working knowledge.."
when we talk, if some English words pop up, He will understand.."

They reached the camp, and were waiting outside the room where Periava was staying.After ten minutes, Periava came out. surrounding Him were a lot of devotees, who were well versed in English, and Periava was talking to them.

"In every language, there are certain peculiar words. Such words can not be translated in other languages that easily. In ENGLISH language, there is a word called "EQUIPOISE". Can you tell me the meaning of that word? .."

Each one gave his own explanation but not one word could convey the exact meaning of that word.

Periava saw our Govt. officer and his friends and asked them if they knew.

Our Govt. officer sweated profusely. He tried to explain 
something but failed in his attempt.

"EQUIPOISE" means "MENTAL EQUANIMITY"----said Periava .
Every one was stunned!. He diverted the talk to some other topic. He didn't give room for the others to feel bad..

After He walked some distance, HE stopped in the centre of the hall..

At some distance, an old lady was sitting, and with her eyes closed, was doing some Japam.

"How does that lady look?"---asked Periava.

" Very calm, quiet, and without any worries in her mind..." answered our friends.

"Do you know, who she is?"---asked Periava.

Nobody answered.

" There was a great writer, by name K.S.Venkataramani. He has written a lot of books.KANDAN, The Patriot, MURUGAN, The Tiller( I have read them too!) are all famous.In these novels the rural setting is very natural.

" He brought a French 'Thathva Gnani' by name Paul Brunton to Thiruvannamalai, and brought him to me also. He had a very good bonding with our 'THATHVAM'

"This couple had a son. K.S.V. passed away. The son is in mental hospital."

" She doesn't have any friends, or relatives, no money, nothing, but mountains of sadness! Can you see any trace of those worries on her face?"

" That stage is called "EQUIPOISE"!

Where did Periava do M.A. in English?

"Vaak Dhevatha lives in His tongue!

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