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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Know Your Onions

Onion is an important part of every Indian’s kitchen. It is used to prepare many food items, special recipes and as a salad too. While most of us are familiar with the taste of onion, no one knows about its magical powers yet.

Today we will tell you certain ancient remedies of onion, which will help you health wise in your day-to-day life. Tribals of India used to use onions as a medicine in ancient times. Even the modern day science accept these magical powers of onions.

If children and old people suffer from severe cough, the mixture of onion juice and mishri (sugar) should be given to them, but not more than a few drops.
Onions usually are in two colours - white and red. The white onion is beneficial for the heart and the red one increases immunity. To curb the forehead pain, white onion should be rubbed on forehead or
should be smelled. 

For physical development of children, a mixture of onion and jiggery should be given to them.
In case of a bee bite, onion is rubbed on the wound to heal it faster.
Mixing vinegar in onion juice and applying it on body can cure itching.  
Mixing onion juice with mustard and massaging with oil relieves joint pain. If the massage is done for 2 months continuously, it yields great benefits. 
The mixture of onion juice and salt cures pain in gums and toothache.

Men should consume the juice of white onions mixed with honey for a better sperm count. 

Tribals believe that consuming the juice of white bulb-shaped onion with honey, ginger and melted butter for 21 days continuously treat the problem of impotency in males. 

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