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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vegetable Salad

carrot, cucmber and pomegranate


half watermelon
half a papaya
 2 medium size cucumber
2 tamatoes
 2 medium size carrots
 half a pomegranate
half a lemon 



Watermelon  and Papaya to be peeled , deseeded and cut into uniform pieces keep in a bowl separately.

Peel the cucumber scoop out the seeds from the centre and cut into pieces, peel the carrots and cut the centre orange portion and cut into pieces . Collect in a bowl.

Take a tomato , scoop the seeds cut into fine pieces and add with the carrot  ,cucumber bowl. 

Shell pomegranate and take a cup of the seeds and mix  all these well.

Eat raw without adding any salt, pepper in an empty stomach.

If needed can squeeze half a lemon.

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