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Thursday, May 2, 2013


I have immense pleasure in sharing this article on the great Paramacharya which appeared in the Hindu on 21-1-94. By HIS Grace the article is safe with my friend Shri D.Viswanathan till date. I thank him for sharing this article with me. I humbly pass on this for the information of all members.

Once when Paramacharya Sri. Chandra Sekarendra Saraswathi of Kanchi kamaKoti Peetam was asked why he called himself "Jagad Guru",he said that the Jagad ( the world ) itself was his guru.Also he said that house holders were better than sanyasins. House holders find time to do pooja, japa etc.,in the midst of their manifold activities relating to their livelihood. Sanyasins observe their anushtanas as it is their duty. House holders try to do their anushtanas despite their heavy work. Also without householders,sanyasins cannot exist.It is the grihastas who support sanyasins.grihasthas are blessed indeed.

The Acharya visited Madras on September 29 1957 and remained there till March 1959. During this period,he gave a discourse almost every day. The discourse he gave on March 15,1959 is a moving one, one that tells us of the extrordinary humility of the Acharya.The speech was in response to a number of farewell addresses read on that occasion.The following are extracts from it.

" Every speaker today praised me and also said that one should follow atleast hereafter what I said in my discourses.This is the way you feel you should express your gratitude to me.I would have been happy if the speakers had not said this.I want you to giveup the notion that you are not following what I said and therefore you should follow my advice atleast hereafter as an expression of gratitude to me.The question of doing something in return comes only when I expect others to do what I say.If I expect such a thing from people,it means I am not a realist.It is not possible to make people do what I like them to do in modern times.It is not easy for all to follow our " dharma sastras" . It is not possible to put up with the humiliations,difficulties,that result from the strict adherence to the sastras. If I had given these discourses hoping that people could be tranformed completely,it would mean I am unrealistic.

When you look at the history of the world, the founders of religions were able to transform millions of people. But in my opinion, they brought out changes not through lectures. Lectures give listeners enthusiasm for a short period, but do not bring about permanent radical change.Even the intial enthusiasm wanes with the passage of time.We cannot change people through discourses but only through the power of the spirit.How did the great religious bring about change in others ? They practised what they preached.It is their life that transformed others and not their discourses. Sri Ramakrisna Parama hamsa, Sri Ramana Maharishi and Sri.Arabindo stayed in one place drawing people to themselves. They did not like me go from place to place giving discourses.Only a person who has complete self control can improve the world. To the extent a man improves himself,he will bring about improvement in others.So don't feel depressed that you have not followed my advice.I have not transformed you. It is because I have not transformed myself. You must pity me for this.I must pray to God that I become better that HE gives me strength to become better.

I must purify myself.This what I have to do hereafter.This is possible only through the Grace of God.This what I should pray for.I have to keep on praying that He should purify me in your interest. I cannot remove your defects till I am perfect.

When the former Governor general Rajaji said " we have all forgotten how to pray to God,therefore you must pray to Him on our behalf ",the seer said it is my duty to pray for your good. But I should not pray as if only you had defects and therefore you should be freed of them. I should pray that He removes my defects.Out of respect, Rajaji asked me to pray for you all.However I have taken it to mean that I should pray for myself.By constant prayer,if I become pure,you will all become pure because of your great love for me.Instead of praying that God bless each one of you individually with HIS Grace,if I pray that HE bless me with HIS Grace and if I struggle for HIS Grace and get it, you will also be transformed.Therefore,instead of my praying that you should all be virtuous,you should be rooted in dharma,you should do this or that, I should pray that I should have

Then you may ask why all these lectures? Even knowing fully well that discourses will give only temporary happiness. I continued to give lectures as things became clearer to me when I talked.I had my doubts cleared by highly educated people attending the discourses. I don't know whether my visit was useful to you, but it was of great use to me.Some times what some one in the audience said in response to my
questions was much more than what I said.Things have become clearer to me after my stay in Madras.Now, it is my duty to practise what I have learned.The day I become perfect you will all become perfect. I will suggest something to you.You may not be able to follow what is said in our sastras.But please study them and be clear about what they say.Understand that what is said in our sastras is true and spiritually beneficial. This is the last you can do. Inspite of so many distractions like the cinema,political meetings,music concerts etc., you have been coming here for satsung. This itself is a welcome thing. You have also made things clear for me. Constantly think of what you are,what you want to be,what you should do to bridge the gap.Even this thinking will be beneficial to you.We must pray for the welfare of the world.Let the whole world be happy. May you always have noble thoughts.

The Acharya transformed the lives of thousands of people, but did not ever claim any credit for it out of innate humility.In his last years, the Acharya was silent much of the time.Like Dakshinamurthy,he cleared the doubts of others through his silence,a silence that also charged the spiritual batteries of seekers. Discharging his body, the Acharya has become a centre without circumference

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