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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pav Bhaji

 Pealed  alu        medium                 4
Pealed  carrot                                     4
Shelled peas                                       1 cup
Capsicum   medium                         1
Beans                                                    10 
Onion medium finely chopped    6
 Tomato finely chopped                  6 
Ginger garlic paste                            2 tablespoons 

Dania, Jeera, Chilly powder           1 spoon each 

Pav Bhaji masala powder                3 spoons 

Butter or oil                                         1 cup
salt to taste 
Haldi                                                      1 teaspoon 

Cook carrot ,alu ,beans ,capsicums and peas in a cooker after adding Haldi and salt. Later mash them nicely. 
Take a kadhai and pour oil and fry the onion till it turns out pinkish in color and add the ginger garlic paste and saute till the paste flavour leaves off. Add the sliced tomatoes and mash and cook nicely. Once this mixes well with the paste add the mashed vegetables , the powders and mix thoroughly and cook for 3 minutes . Add ghee, butter or oil and if you like squeeze half a lemon and garnish with the  finely chopped coriander .

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