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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Remove Wine and Women from this world God

What's happening in our country? God can you explain?

Women are the curse to the world from the time Eve was made?

Will you please remove Wine and Women?

You created men and they find pleasure in women and is sex for procreation  or for recreation?

Whenever men want to have entertainment they seek a four letter word R...!

There is no safety for women in general,where is the question of age bar; it has no bar, bar.... 

Even two, three year old small girls are not left out, every day the headline glaringly says rape....gang rape......

Why did you first of all create this ugly sexual desire in men whenever they see a woman/ girl? It has no brain and blindly a father, brother, step father, teacher, uncle ...for that matter any relative, friend ........ the victim becomes the form of entertainment.
 I feel even a lamp post with a sari will meet the same fate, the drunkards will go and rape even that not sparing it. 

Why to allow the Law to take its own course? The law in my country is like a chewing gum and it keeps lengthening and it never comes out. 
Why can't the rapists be punished in an hour's time ?
What are you doing there simply watching the females suffer? You created men and sex and you only put the ill thoughts in their minds and you turn a blind eye?
Either Punish the wrong doers ASAP or kill all women and destroy the wine in the world .

Who is the weaker sex? The women... definitely ‘NO’, It's the men who are the weaker sex! They become weak in knees when they see women and it matters to sex?
Let all weaker sex  live 'GAY'LY?


  1. GodIsOne
    Re: Remove Wine and Women from this world God

    Why remove Women and Wine. Maybe remove men and we all live happily ever after.

    On a serious note...It is not right to generalize men. Like in women, there are good and bad men. Indian government should be more strict and the punishments should be so severe that these animals would at least think once before acting on what their stupid mind says.
    Today 01:07 AMRihana
    God is:

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    Today 12:47 AMfencesitter
    Re: Remove Wine and Women from this world God

    i dont think west is as unsafe as india when it comes women safety. We keep harping about glorious indian culture but the sad and plain truth is this country is not really safe for women. Yes, mothers educating their sons is a noble thought but need of the hour is changing legal system so that verdict is given as early as possible and throwing away the human rights of the accused.

    Today 12:07 AMAnandchitra
    Re: Remove Wine and Women from this world God

    Your writing shows the pain you feel.
    You might not be surprised that this is common the world over with the US of A leading this.
    In many ways its much worse in the U.S than other developing countries.
    Removing women or wine or men completely from the world can never be the answer.
    It is my opinion that the change that you want to see outside should begin within.
    When I gave birth to a boy I made a vow I will bring up my boy child to the best of my ability to grow up as a man who would know how to respect a woman
    If every woman starts doing this then very soon we will be surrounded by such noble men.
    It appears to me that even this is in the hands of women.
    I know of 2 men, my father and my husband who in my life have treated me with respect and dignity.
    I knew my fathers mother and my husband's mother both were close to me.
    Both these women had not stuided much at all. Were housewives and only knew to take care of their husbands and children
    They had managed to raise their boys to grow up and become men who by their acts of kindness and respect to women show their nobility.
    If those women could do it why not todays woman who is far better educated has the advantage of technology in her hands and can even google how to raise a child!
    I strongly feel that its high time we women realize its ONLY our responsibility to bring up our children and we need to focus more on raising boys to become men.
    I am not saying every ounce of evil will be eradicated from this world however significantly the good would overrule.
    Maybe the time has come!
    Yesterday 07:12 PMseethavarma
    Re: Remove Wine and Women from this world God

    Friend,very touchy write up!
    how can we control such things?
    Yesterday 07:07 PMrgsrinivasan
    Re: Remove Wine and Women from this world God

    Its indeed terrible to read such news almost every single day, Mathangi madam.
    I totally agree with your views on this.

    The only thing that I can and will be certain about is to respect women of any age and behave decently to all. -rgs


  2. dear I lites, whatever I expressed are purely the current state of affairs of our country regarding women. It's about those who disrespect women in general at home, workplace, streets, public places etc.. The atrocities can be changed provided a strict enforcement of law and the strong arms of police force is established.

    Secondly take the judiciary to task if they can't declare judgement in 3 months, the more the delay the more the crime. No Human Rights Commission, no political pressure, no bail etc should be made mandatory.

    Next the culprits FACE SHOULD NEVER BE COVERED, display their photographs in all social sites, bill boards, public places etc so that the near and dear ones know his/ their vulgar and cheap mentality.
    Either tattoo on their face , forehead as rapists, cut their thumb, put them in a cell where they are deprived of all luxury, keeping their basic needs to the minimum. If circumstances demand bobbit them
    Put those who support these criminals irrespective of their status.

    Ban all the scenes from the movies, serials where the hero teases the heroine, though she hates his advances later falls in love, this gives a wrong signal to an ordinary human beings and they try this. If their advances are turned down, it's either acid attack, murder or rape .

    One thing I could not understand when it was announced mandatory for all the vehicles to remove the sun films, how did they let go off the buses to have the film and the curtains?

    Strengthen the police patrol after 6 pm and recruit people as many youths are wandering jobless in our country.

    I totally agree that respecting women should begin at home, as Anand chitra says
    "If every woman starts doing this then very soon we will be surrounded by such noble men.
    It appears to me that even this is in the hands of women."

    Women are responsible and they take the full credit for this upbringing, but this also can help to some extent, coz, as they grow it's the thrill with the friends and peers to walk hand in hand they do not mind trying or making an attempt.
    What makes them do so? It's our loosening judicial system, nothing else, See in the gulf countries, they just brutally end a teasers' life ?
    Can the same men do so there? It's finally coming to our systemic error and unless and until the Government makes a strong laws and and implementation of the same nothing can be achieved, and we like fools be firing in the air!
    If everything fails, leave the culprits to public to vent out their frustration , anger on our inefficient system. The corrupted, the murderers, the looters, goondas, and other nefarious activists all go scott free , why is it so?
    As actress and politician Smiriti Irani said in one of the News channels, if the law does not do justice, the mothers and parents have to wield the guns to punish the culprits.
    Hope at least this time the government wakes up and does something favorable for the women foil of our country.
    While talking about these crimes against women, we should also do something for the victims,who have to undergo physical , mental, financial agony for the rest part of their lives. the government should support them to the fullest by helping them with rehabilitation, counselling their immediate families, giving them opportunities to recover fully and finally should ensure that this does not occur again . Hope there is light at the end of this heinous act .