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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Cuckoo's Nest

Ratnakar and his wife have two sons Raghuram (Raghu) and Jayram (Jay).Their "Sparkle Tiles" factory is run by all the three. Gayatri, Ratnakar's wife, is a graduate and a very dynamic lady who will never call it quits and due to her immense strength and courage Ratnakar could come out of the bad time in his professional life .From then on wards there was no turning back and he has left the total control of the household to her and he stood by her. 

Raghu married Geetika a choice of his parents ,the fact that  he also liked her culminated into their marriage, later when Jay fell in love with Sapna ,sister of Geetika, Gayatri okayed without any fuss or mess. According to her this arrangement would work out fine and the family bondage would be strong. She feels a family like hers needs a strong base and that base can be made only if the family members have a normal, healthy relationship.  
Raghu has two daughters .Jay and Sapna met with an accident that Sapna had severe injury which led her to opt for surrogacy or adoption. 

Gayatri thought over for some time and decided to get the opinion of all the members of her family. So she called them to decide on the next course of action. 

*                             *                               * 
'I called you all here as we all know that Jay and Sapna’s recent visit to the clinic. The report is not favourable, so I felt the best way is to go for surrogacy instead of adoption. Adoption does not support the background of the child and it's safe to go for the surrogacy. 'what do you all feel?'

'Gayatri has already told me and I also agree for this.' This is Ratnakar.
'Papa, what can we say?'Whatever you, ma, Jay and Sapna feel it's OK for me and Geetu.

He took the lead and did not want Geetu to get involved in this, because it's a delicate sensitive issue.

'Sapna, what do you say, is it okay to go by what the doctor said?'

'I need time to think Jay, I still get night mares, and how are we to go for surrogacy? How to decide on the surrogate mother, how can we go about it and who can help us and guide us?’

‘It's not an easy joke, as Dr. Preetam said; there are so many things to consider even before thinking about it. I know as ma feels that's the only safe option left.'

'Good, I welcome your frankness and decision Sapna, I also felt that's the best way.'

'Now don't you all feel that we can, if only we get the consent of Raghu and Geetu for going ahead in this?'

'But why ma, what way are we concerned with this, it's purely a decision to be made by Jay and Sapna? We have no issues!'

'Raghu, you also belong to this family, and what I am going to say may be shocking to you all, and papa knows about this. 'In fact it may not be a good idea for you all. I am not surprised if I get resistance from you in the first instance.’ 

'But, ma it's purely their decision and you and papa are there to guide them.'

'No, Raghu'. 'You and Geetu are also equally involved and I need your consent also.'

'In what way?' 

'Don't you think it's tedious to go around and look for a mother to carry and there are so many factors to keep in mind regarding the health, personal family background etc while deciding on?'

'Yes, I understand.'

'That's it.'

'I may sound funny and stupid but heart of heart I would suggest let Geetu be the surrogate mother and we can see the child under our care'.'Geetu is not new to mother hood, she has the age and Bhagwan ki krupa se she is in good health. 'It's within our family and I do not want you to decide immediately'.'I leave it to the four of you to sit and talk'.'Come to me with your response'.'I am open to your decisions, I promise I would not force you'.'Before deciding on the factors weigh the pros and cons'. 'You all can visit the doctor and get her help'. 'Leave the legal aspects to us; we would consult the family lawyer and the doctor for the agreement to be signed'.

*                            *                          
Sapna what do you say, have you given it a thought? '

Oh, Jay, it's a dream come true. My own sister carrying my child is like having the cake eating it too. The mother will be in front of my eyes; I can be with her and can also keep talking to her and the baby. '
'Yes, in this way we can save on the fee for the agency, the surrogate mother'. 'Did you notice the doctor said  to Raghu and babhi  that the family must make sure that everyone present is comfortable with the proposed surrogacy arrangement.' 

‘You know babhi was given a talk by the professional on her surrogacy explaining to her the issues involved, her choice for carrying my child, whether it was appropriate for her, our family , her willingness to go ahead with the pregnancy when her children are grown up and getting into teens’. Apart from that she also said that babhi should be ready to give up the child after delivery ‘. Babhi after listening to her for almost two hours said she agrees to the conditions and willing to go ahead in spite of knowing about the medical risks and emotional  disturbances it would bring in.’ 

Yes that's truly a correct statement, I only wish everyone thinks positive in this. 
‘But the counsellor said this also that we should be clear of certain things like, paying the medical bills, a token amount or some return gesture for Babhi, and taking care of her insurance,  depositing some money in her account, taking the legal help to fix the guardianship’.

'That is nothing, my only concern is later on we should not repent nor this brings a gap in our relationship?'

'As the senior lawyer  opined , in the 'surrogacy agreement' we should put everything in black and white so that our misunderstandings do not jeopardize our family relationship, and never to go for oral or verbal agreement regarding the footage of medical bills, the pre and post natal care, the expenses till the birth of the baby and later for the mother, and we accept the baby in any condition  after birth and we would not force babhi to risk her life if found her surrogacy would be a threat to her life. '

More over we have to make two agreement one for the ‘Surrogate Mother’ and the other for us as 'Intended Parents' and the guardianship of the child even before going for the embryo transfer.'

‘All said and done she remains the God parent to the child’.


Time flew and all the procedures were done and when Geetu went for check up, it was found out that she was carrying twins. The family's happiness knew no bounds, all were in awe and so much of donations were done to poor and the needy and money was showered on temple deities. 

Sapna was all the time at the beck and call of her sister Geetu and sometimes Geetu felt all the attention she gets now should not vanish after the birth of the twins. Sapna on the contrary , felt happy to serve her sister and knew definitely her kids would bring in all her sister’s good qualities, she has seen her take the responsibilities and Sapna herself has learnt a lot from Geetu.

The delivery date came near, more than the elders, the two daughters were keen to welcome the two new arrivals to their
 house, the guessing game started to find out the gender of the twins, the daughters badly wanted a brother to celebrate Rakhi, so were praying for a brother at least!. Finally the D day arrived and Geetu delivered the non –identical: a boy and a girl on 12-12-2012 at 12:12 pm. 

The Boy was named Sajay (Sapna - Jay), the girl Geera (Geetu-Raghav)
The naming ceremony over and Raghav and Geetu were given  a holiday ticket to Singapore after six months for their kind gesture, as a couple they had adjusted a lot for the birth of babies and  later after a year  the whole family went on  European Tour.
A happy family ...Let’s wish the happy family our Best Wishes

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