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Friday, November 30, 2012

Left over - Single Woman?

Recently I learnt this term -'left overwhile reading a news item , suggesting this term for unmarried women in our society. 

The reason for remaining single are many and it depends on the individual : no one would like to remain single, everyone would like to walk the aisle someday but destiny has other things in store for them. 
They are forced to do so due to  family responsibility ,or for professional growth or some commitment towards the siblings, or  for pursuing education,  for medical reasons, or to fulfill her ambition, or for a sense of achievement .And for some the thought of getting into the matrimony might not be as  charming as staying single, may be life has taught them to be single, some one's experience has played a vital role in making the decision!It could be so on and on.....

In olden days one can hardly find any such type of ladies, but it is a trend and each one has the right to live his/her life the way he/ she prefers. Sometimes the society tries to poke its nose and becomes judgmental.

The society is partial in considering  their non -marital status with disrespect and  suspicion.According to it, it's unsafe to remain single, but it's not so .It's never a total safety  irrespective of the marital status.
The single woman is sometimes a strictly 'NO' in social gatherings, even parents advise their children to maintain distance fearing the influence on their wards. I feel this could be because they think their wards esp. girls would follow the single woman 's footsteps? Definitely ' no' and it does not mean the other way where if they mingle with married people they are likely to agree for marriage. Each coin has two sides and it's the individual's mindset which wins over.

The current generation chooses  their life partners and get married 'at the right age', makes the parents happy and proud of it, on the contrary ,if a girl decides to remain single,they show their resentment, why?

Nowhere it's mentioned that a single woman is incomplete without her married partner. When a man remains single the society has no regrets.The term ' leftover' itself is derogatory and an insulting term for a single woman . This shows the male dominated society's taste. 

The prying eyes of the neighbours has no limits, just to get away from this spying nature of the society some of them hide their status, some move to a different place and some fake. How tormenting this ostracism could be for them. Socializing with married men becomes a question ,some disturbing questions are thrown at them. 
In spite of all these I am proud to say that many single women have cropped up with bold and daring steps by not only remaining single but  by even adopting girl children  and living with their heads held high in the same society .The society is left with no option but is trying to acknowledge them and recognize them !

 Hail single women ! I salute thee!

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