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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zindagi- ek safar

Rajesh Khanna, a self-imposed isolated  man who indulged in self love preferred his seclusion, his obsession of 'himself was such that he drove all the women away from his life, though they kept giving him shoulders whenever he needed. After Akshay decided to bring his family together he was a no one's man. Surprising fact was his estranged family's unison in his last years.Though he was not a handsome man, his mannerism of tilting his head,  his small eyes, and when he smiled even his eyes smiled along with them . A next door hero, next to Dev Anand  portrayed the romantic heroes of his time. After the entry of the 'angry, young man' Amitabh, people preferred him for Rajesh.Gradually his place was taken by the likes of Jeetendra, Dharmendra and the likes...
I remember my first movie was ' Do Raaste' and the song 'bindiya chamkegi still lingers in my ears. I saw Aradhana only later and that too after watching the Tamil version by Shivaji Ganesan ' Sivagamiyin Selvan', and I watched this with my college friends, that too those days balcony seats and we made it a comedy of scenes.
He was the first one to introduce light color suits minus the Coat/ Blazers and the waist coats. His way of walking esp, when they show him entering the house , he would tilt his body and give a twist to his walk and in gloomy scenes, he would shrink his eyes and look deep as if depressed. 
Curious that he died of cancer in real life and in two of his reel life :Anand and Safar . I did not like his' haathi mere saathi'.Later his movie Avtaar came out with a good story and with Shabana he proved his skills.

His leading ladies who brought success are Mumtaz, Hema and Sharmila Tagore in that order.
Thanks to Dev Anand, he could get a good playback singer Kishore Kumar, who fit his voice and the songs of Aradhana tll the history. Even I could say people in non Hindi belt like TN were exposed to Hindi films thanks to Kishore Kumar.
Some of my favourites are, Mere sapno ki rani, Zindagi ka safar...,Zindagi, ek safar hai suhana, yahan kal,,...,achcha to hum chalte hain...,ye jo mohabbat hai...,chingari, koi bhadke...,abhi na jao chhod ke...,main zindagi ka saath ...,O mere dilke chain, kahin door jab din dhal jaaye...

Rajesh Khanna RIP 

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