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Friday, July 13, 2012

Metro Experience

My first trip by Metro was from (Gurgaon) Huda city Centre to Central Secretariate in March 2012. The station is clean and by paying the cash, you get the token. All you need to do is to show the token at the gate to the station entrance and the electronic sensor opens the small hip size door and you pass thro. The train is like  a long bogie with two rows of sitting rest for standees. Every compartment has the electronic display apart from the announcement in English and Hindi. The CCTV's are also fixed, one in case of emergencies can get to speak to the driver also. 

One does not see any hawkers, beggars, stalls and people are busy in commuting. The doors open only after the train stops completely same way, the doors close and then the train moves. The stopping duration keeps changing from 5 seconds to 13 seconds. This is from my experience. It's an easy way of commuting, we used this public transport for India Gate and Sarojini Market. Very convenient and passenger friendly.The parking place at Huda City Centre needs to be organised it's so confusing, people park anyhow and everywhere, lack of monitoring and systematic approach makes it very tedious and at times it's irritating also.

I am yet to get the Metro experience here in Bangalore.

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