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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guwahati Girl Molestation

What's happening to the country? 

Where is the value of seeing a woman as a woman rather than a  sexual object?

The recent attack ( july 10) of a 20 yr old girl on  a busy street by some 20 youngsters needs to be thoroughly investigated and the culprits to be booked under the severest crime and never to be released even on bail. Some passers by also joined in this outraging the modesty of the girl.What was her mistake why was she picked up? The same molesters, ran away once someone came to question them. Why should they do so, that means they can do in packs and hounds and no guts to stand when men came to counterattack them? Spineless creatures?

No human rights commission should come to their rescue. If given a chance the same girl should beat them black and blue at the same place in front of the public. As it happens in most of the cases, the police allows the culprits to cover their faces when they are taken for interrogation to the police station, court or jail, here or never this should be encouraged a face is more important to anyone's honour.Why should they be allowed to do so,when the society has every right to see the culprits face and nature? 

it's so disturbing to see two things, a helpless girl attacked by a gang of teens and no one from the passers by came to her rescue nor questioned the rakshasas .Some of them even if  you dress up a lamp post as a girl or a woman, they will try to molest and tease.It is bound to happen!

The insensitive part was the Assam DGP's comment saying that 'Police is not like an ATM machine which will be at the crime scene the moment one inserts a card in the machine" .

A good work by the NGOs effort to nab the culprit- they have captured the molesters photos from the video clip and have posted on huge billboards. Who focused the light on the entire incident?How come the molesters asked for the girl's face to be shown, failed to note that their faces have also been captured in the camera. Thanks to the press reporter the entire episode saw the light of the 'night', otherwise it would have been just an incident. 

The best way is to 'bobbit these molesters, rapists.!

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  1. Read Harini calamur's take on this incident in the paper DNA-also that of Krish Ashok from the same paper. The society is collectively responsible and collectively guilty for being mute bystanders. We vent our anger at these reports in choicest expletives and dismiss them in disgust and move on, until the next one comes.Instead of waiting for the inept 'system' that is the police and judiciary to take punitive action, the first ones to strike should be the immediate families and employers-the culprits should be thrown out and doors tightly shut-no food,no shelter and no money to survive-then see how long the machismo thrives.