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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sachin and Rajya Sabha Nomination?

I am neither a Sachin fan nor an anti one......

Ace Cricketer and  Veteran Rekha and Anu Aga are the RajyaSabha nominees for this year.

  • What is the Govt trying to prove by nominating Sachin ?
  •  To please his fans for the next year polls?
  •  Just by doing this, hoping against hope for him to join their party dirty politics?
  • Nothing else to do, could not honor him with Bharat Ratna so trying to do something in this way?
  • Will he be able to do his duties by regularly attending and posing question for the benefit of his fans?
  • If not on general matters, atleast related to all fields of sports including cricket?
  • Has he ever expressed his opinion any time in any matters related to nation or sports or cricket?
  •  Is not the Govt wasting a vote by nominating a person who has his own interest  in his field and has already set a world record?
  • Just by pulling him towards politics is a criminal waste, what if he does not devote time for attending the parliament session?
  • What will he do divide his time and spend less time' in fields'? He has already established his strong foothold in Cricket.
  • There were so many who earlier had been to RS and never uttered a word and only enjoyed the perks and pleasures of an MP?
  • Aren't there any other sports personalities in our country to be nominated? There are Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, and others who are 'free' !
  • With his entry there will be a 'Q' by the other MPs to get his autograph for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren nothing else!
We should discontinue the nomination of film personalities,' prime' sportspersons,and think of bringing in some scientists, reformists,who work for the welfare of the country selflessly and who can do substantially something worthy.

With Rekha's entry there will be some  increase in TRP , instead of Tendulkar  if Rakhi Sawant has been  nominated, there would be some sensible question hour session!

 God Save our Parliament !!!!!!!!!!!!

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