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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kasi- Rameswaram Yatra

  It was along standing due to perform the Kasi Yatra  rites for his parents ,and so my husband planned with his sister, who also joined us in the Yatra to Kasi. 

Given a choice, I would have stayed but leaving the personal wishes aside, I joined in fulfilling my duty as a Daughter-in -law . 

We-my husband, his sister and her husband decided   keeping our age factor in mind  - as early as possible I,being the youngest ,57 years old. They had railway concession as senior citizens- for ladies above 58 can avail the concession while for men it's 60 and above. I am eagerly looking forward to availing this opportunity!

All our railway trips were booked in advance with pakka reservation, the time chosen was neither extreme cold, nor hot neither peak season and it was exam preparation time. 
From 27 th February to 12 th March - 
15 th March to 17 th March  

Our journey in 22 days ranged from Bangalore -  Chennai -Allahabad - Varanasi-Gaya, Gurgaon, Mathura, Vrindavan- Bangalore -Chennai- Rameswaram- Madurai- Bangalore .
We packed our food consisting idli and gunpowder and Ginjilee oil mixed separately in a container, curd rice with  tomato thokku thanks to Grand Sweets and Snacks , and masala roti in good numbers for our tiffin and night dinner for the first day (27 th Feb, 2012) by Ganga Cauvery Express. Remembered  my old train trip to Raipur via Nagpur by this train.
Though we were allotted 2 lower, 1 middle and one upper berths, we could manage to travel comfortably :as usual kitchen under the care of adiyen ( me and my sis-in-law) Lily. We worked in tandem while she held the containers, I washed them with the  multiple user -soap strips, time time to starting the grinding machines of our companions.  ( our due husband)
On 29 th ,the train reached Allahabad and we were received by Mr. to take us to the Shiv mutt, far away from the Rly.Stn in a Qualis  by 4.30 am and quite a distance, dusty, dirty road welcomed us, surprised to see such a city in a bad condition.

 Half way the work were stopped due to the elections.We were provided hot water half a bucket  for Rs. 20 / . Only one western style toilet and others Indian.  The water stored in  a tank front of the toilet had lots of mosquitoes, and the place quite  slippery. 

 You can say that it's OK  for a short stay and the rooms reminded me of Ramanuja koodam / chowltry for marriage in town at madras. A small room with low level windows and the the lock was the olden type with the chain hanging from the door chowkat. Fortunately we had taken our lock and key so there was  no problem for us.
 After bath we were asked to get ready to do the vedic karyams and the vadhyar did a good job. The Vedic rituals began at Allahabad. The rituals (even the more extensive ones) take about half a day (early morning to lunch). After the veni madhav( the sand from Rameswaram) was made into a shiv ling shape , we were given muram ( soopa) , kannadi, comb and some haldi kumkum, flowers and we kept two blouse pieces.We had the mala around our necks and brought back the seepu kannaadi and blouse pieces along with the muram( dust pan ) and handed over the same to the ladies living upstairs. They keep rotating though the pundits collect money from us for providing them to us.

We went to have darshan of Devi Kamakshi - entry fee one rupee per head, 1 st floor Kamakshi, 2 nd floor Lord Balaji, 3 rd floor Lord Sivan .Then visited Veni Madhav temple.

We reached the Ganga kinare and were taken in a boat with some other group of 8 people along with the boatman, panda, to the triveni sangamam. The panda guided us as to how the veni daanam is  done.  After the veni daanam , the barber demanded Rs 30 /per head for lending his olden day's pair of scissors.

The cut hair unique to its logic, doesn't float and goes directly down and one can't see a single strand of hair there! Any scientific explanation?

The boat was parked at the triveni sangamam on a platform constructed for the fetching of Ganges water.- I still do not know how the water can be pure or wash off our sins here, when the Vedas say, Ganges is in all water, that's the reason we say, kalasasya mukhe Vishnu ' in the kalasa poojai.

 The three rivers maintain their identity and  we can literally see them different as they merge. While the Yamuna is deep and  calm and greenish in colour, the Ganga is shallow, but forceful and clear.We got down from the boat and took bath and collected some water in a can taken by us from the Shiv mutt. 
 After coming back we completed the remaining rituals and left after lunch to Kasi. 

We reached Varanasi at by 5 pm ,straight away  we were taken to KEDARESHWAR  SASTRIGAL'S house in a lane and immediately I knew, that place can't be interesting for us to stay. Surrounded by cows and cow dungs and dirty surroundings, with a narrow approach to his house.  

The  narrow roads are very bad with cow dung everywhere and almost all the Sastrigals stay here as it is closer to Hanuman ghat , river bank at walkable distance  and though they are old type of houses, they tried their best to suit the urban visitors within the place available. The roads can't take two SUV s to pass at the same time. 

I had already spoken to my Nephew and gave him Sankara mutt's numbers to book room for us and thank God it was just a fifty yards from this sastrigal's house. His brother tried his best to make us stay in his house but we quoted the reason of my S-IL who is an  arthritis patient and  her inability in climbing the stairs that too in his house, the steps were steep and narrow, we were given a room on the second floor!
We  stayed in Sankara mutt,ground floor room. A good place with  an attached bath with clean western toilet and a geyser. The bed was a big double size bench with rexcin type mattresses and a few pillows and blankets . We already carried our own bedsheets and an air pillow. An old model wooden cupboard was the shelf provided by them We had nylon rope for drying clothes and cloth clips so we could dry our clothes after washing them. 

Morning milk,  and tea came from the vadhyar's house for us so also for  the evening.
 We were briefed about the rituals for the next three days :the first day for the Maha sangalpam, the second day for Manikarnika Parvarupa (by doing homam) Srradham and the third day for the Pancha Teertha Srradham.

Here I would like to mention that taking bath in the Ganges is quite a thrill with the chilly  early morning and that too after climbing down deep, wide  60- 65 steps in  the nine yards outfit.  The beauty is people take bath with shampoos, soaps and the running water is utilised for cooking and procuring in the pancha pathiram for rituals. 

The boat ride is also pleasant and I was so afraid of the boat ride as I have motion- water sickness!, Thank God none of it bloomed there.

Third day we did the Pancha Teertha rituals. 

The motor boat with the sastrigals's son took us to the 5 Ghats . Even a small place in the boat is used for advertising like hair oil, gutka etc. 

It was really surprising to see the boatmen and his assistant  not only speaking Tamizh, but also guiding us to make the AVIS for the pindams by frequently prompting us' to add water, take out the lid, kindle the rice' etc.  

 Asi Ghat  (Haridwar Teertham) – Dashashwamedha Ghat –  Brahma performed 10 Ashwamedha Yagnas,Varana Ghat, Pancha Ganga Ghat , Manikarnika Ghat  Shethra pinda dhanams in all 5 ghats.

 The timing for the pindams to get ready and the ride from one Ghat to another was so perfectly timed with the men folk offering  the sraadha pindam. The 'kumutti aduppu
cooking brought a nice flashback for me as we had been cooking for the night in our joint family system, and when in Raipur, only the milk and rice were cooked in Gas and rest all were in kumutti aduppu only.,Only 4 fists full of rice for the AVIS and fortunately we had our towel with us so we could wet them and pour the cooked rice to make the pindams. This way it became easy to make them.

In the evenings we went around to visit Kalbhairav Temple, Mritunjay Mahadev Temple  Sankatmochan Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Annapurna Temple, Chozhi amman temple, Dandapaani temple and Kasi Visalakshi Temple. In the Visalakshi Amman temple the Andhra pundit  offers blouse piece and bangles on his own for Rs.50/  sankalpam and doesn't allow you to say more than one Gothram while doing the sankalpam. Money minded?

Varanasi roads are wide and hardly one can see public transports as they have banned them inside the city limits. All one can use is Cycle rickshaws and  cars and autos that too share autos. There is utter chaos in the traffic jam but all are very patient and not one is ill-tempered.

If one expects the temples to be like the South Indian ones, it will be a disappointment only.Some of them are in a narrow lane , hardly one can notice a temple by the side.

We left by 2 pm to Gaya and reached Gaya by 7 pm and lo, the place where we were given accommodation was a horrible one , you can call it as third class arrangement .There are some good hotels near the Railway Station but they have provided accommodation close to the Falghuni river. 

 I have never seen a spooky and dungeon place and the lights were all zero or 15 watts and  hardly one can see.. the power cut added to our woes.  The lady- in -charge 
(resembles  the one who supplies women movies...)and her tarika while conversing with us.. the less I say the better.. She is only for making quick bucks and not at all bothered about the facility, the place would have been the same even before two decades!

You can't open the windows, nor the doors while sleeping. The mutram in the center of the place was slippery and the wash basin was overflowing , the water tank in the toilets were the breeding ground for the mosquitoes. If we could come out without dengue, chikunguniya and malaria..that means we were the blessed otherwise,' ye machchar aadmiko bhi hijda banalega...' We were fully armed with Odomos, cream and mats to protect us from their needles.

If by chance one uses the blanket that she supplied , one is so sure of getting not a seven days itch but sure of seventeen years itch?!

If you need any guidance to make money by providing a worst hospitality, go here or learn from her!

We went to the Phalguni river and I had my own doubt whether the people there just fill the drums buried in the sand pit pour water at night and collect money for a sombhu from us!We put the pindam for all ancestors, at Gaya.

Since  Gayasuran  asked that people should be allowed to perform the sacred rites (Pinda pradaanam) not only for their ancestors, but for anyone- family, distant relatives, friends and foes, pets,and known and unknown people,trees etc.

This remains the only place where Pinda pradaanam is carried out in  a specific  manner. In fact, I found out that in a normal Srradam , 6 pindams are made (two for each generations which are no more); in a Teertha Srradam , as at Kashi, Allahabad, Rameswaram, etc., 16 pindams are offered, including all ancestors on both parents side. 

In the Gaya Srradam, 64 pindams are offered, of which 16 are for the mother alone, since she carries her child for 9 whole months within her body, 16 for the ancestors, and 16 for all others as I have mentioned earlier.

 After the shethra  pinda daanam, the (17) pindam is offered to the cow .

Then Thila tharpanam followed by Vishnu paada Hiranya sraddam ,64 pindams,  shethra pinda darisanam at Vishnu padam Akshaya Vata Anna/Hiranya sraddam with anna Sraddam , with homam.

We were taken to the Akshaya vatam by one of the brahmins whom we fed and he said 'thrupti  and we offered Dakshinai of Rs. 50 /. We offered  the pindam and the theertham at the root of the Akshaya vatam .

We  gave up snake gourd- pudalangaai, chikkoo-sappotta, and banyan tree leaf - ala ilai .We could have given up kothavarangai but we were told since Lord Subramanya is our Family deity, we should not eat snake gourd and also we found the Kannada brahmins do not eat snake gourd at the time mahalayam and sraddam. 

There are so many beggars and we were strictly warned by the vadhyars that we should not open our purses there on the pretext of giving alms and it would go out of control.
I have not touched upon the details of the sraadam  as it has been posted in my earlier posts and here I am mentioning the part which we did during our yatra. It would become boring.

Some tips

Our sastrigal was  Kedar sastrigal, he took Rs.17000/ from us and from another Bangalore couple only Rs.15000/, whereas the other parties  paid Rs.12000 and Rs. 15000 to Kasi Viswanatha sastrigal and Swami malai sastrigal. This Viswanatha sastrigal has the package varying from Rs.10000 to 20000/. I was told that  the same Kedar Sastrigal a month ago took Rs. 22000/ from another party.

When we took room in Sankara mutt, we were told if we give the contract to them they will do in Rs.10000/ the entire shraddham and  they will waive the room rent of Rs. 500/ per day..any takers so far?

...those who want to go carry torch light, nylon string or rope for drying clothes, cloth clips, mosquito repellent lotion/ mats / cream, suntan cream, lemon juice,bedspread, pillow, ORS and  biscuits.

...Only in Gaya people ask for alms. In Kasi Ganges, for every touch it's rupayaa.

the Gangai Sombus , as someone mentioned, it's the Chettiyar kadai opp Sankara mutt, who does the filling of the sombu's as per one's need.

Basically all vadhyar's houses do have all the modern amenities, but it's the old narrow, small steep steps which become a problem in climbing.


Sankara Mutt 
Bharadwaj & Co.,09415228721/ 09453002020

M.Badri Narayan Settiar Kade Kashi 0542-2275472- 09336845590.

Information Gathered from the mail 

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I got know about your interest in Visiting Kasi through Brahmin Association groups and would like to share my experiences about our visit.

Before we commenced our Visit to Prayam, we had been to Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi where my father performed Paarvana Sraddha at the house of Swaminatha Sastrigal and later went to Dhanushkodi to collect sand. In Dhanushkodi they make three mounds of Shivalainga from the sand collected in the sea.  After performing pooja, one they dissolve in the sea immediately, one is left as it is and one is collected in a bag which needs to be later dissolved in Prayagam. One is supposed to visit Prayagam within 45 days after collecting the sand. We also took bath in 22 theerthams  around the temple including Agni Theertam.

We left Chennai by Ganga Kaveri Express and reached Allahabad ( Prayagam) on the 2nd day morning at 4 AM. We went to Shiva Mutt there where My parents performed Shraddha where he offered 18 or 19 Pindam.Please forgive me on the count. 

 The rice is cooked there in an earthen pot. After visiting Kanchi Shankara Muttt, we proceeded to Triveni Sangam later for Veni Dhaanam. As you may know, Veni refers to Jadai In Sanskrit and the karta's wife gives this is an offering at The Sangam. One takes with them all the fancy articles like Bindi, Comb etc. At the Sangam, one dissolves the sand brought from Rameswaram and collects water in a Can. We took bath exactly at the Sangam as the water levels were low.Part of this water is sealed in copper vessels and remaining part is taken to Rameswaram again for Abishekam of Sri Ramanatha swamy. Cans are available there.

I found that it is cheaper to get this sealed in Varanasi than in Allahabad.There is a Settiyar Kadai in Hanuman Ghat in Varanasi where I fond this cheaper than the same in Allahabad.

Our next stop was Varanasi, and stayed in Hanuman Ghat. Tambu Vadyar was the Vaidika for us. On a lighter side, I being the youngest in the group had the responsibility fo lifting the luggage and accompanying  the older members and to attend to their needs. Tambu Vadyar became a good friend of mine. He is indeed very learned and has done Adhayanam from Kumbakonam.

On our arrival at Varanasi, we took bath in the river Ganga and my parents proceeded to Kanchi Shankara Mutt where they did one more Paarvan Sradhdha. As is customary, every member of the group is assigned two Brahmanas. Although it is customary to cook Annam and Payasam Separately, but due to lack of cooking facilities, they

provide Annam and Payasam separately in earthen pots. The Brahmins there cook separately and give us. While other items in Sradhdha remain common to all, like Curry, Kootu etc, the Annam and Payasam are separate which only the two Brahamanas, the Karta and his Wife can have . One needs to give veshti - towel to two Brahmanas as is customary in Sradhdha. May I bring to your info that the Brahamanas are localites but are very conversant in our Customs. Even the Boatman in Prayag and Varanasi who takes us speaks Tamil well and guides us very well.

The next day one offers Pindam at 5 ghats. The day begins by visiting Bindu Madhavan Temple along the banks of Ganga. You may be aware that there are three Madhava temples, Sethu Madhavan in Rameswaram, Veni Madhavan in Prayag and Bindu Madhavan in Kasi. The Vadyar accompanied us all to all the Ghats where my parents offered Pindam between the rivers Varuna and Assi which meets River Ganga thereby giving it the name. The rice is cooked while sailing in the boat where every family is provided with a kumuti and an earthen pot.

Sir, River Ganga flows in the northerly direction Varanasi giving it the name Uttara Vahini . It is considered very auspicious to perform Gayatri Japam along the river Ganga. There are 365 ghats in Varanasi and one can take bath I was been told that one should take bath only on the western ghat . The eastern Ghat is called Vyasa Kasi and one should not take bath there as people say that Sage Vyasa was given a curse here and so this place is forbidden. Also some others say that Eastern side has the palace of Maharaja of Kashi, so one is forbidden to take bath there. You may see that all the Ghats are only along the western side and Eastern side is barren.

We left for Gaya that evening by a van ( I guess Toyota Qualis) and it took about 5 hours for us to reach Gaya. As you may know, Gaya is about 25 miles from Bodh Gaya where Buddha was enlightened. The next day we proceeded to The temple of Vishnu ( where Vishnu Paadam is kept). My father and mother took bath in the river Phalguni. 
Due to incessant rains, the river which was otherwise dry was brimming. I only consider this as a will of god. My father offered 72 Pindams there. This includes 16 for mother alone. It was indeed very touching when Sri Ganesh Bhat, the Vaidika explained the pains that a mother undergoes from the time she conceives through the deilvery , bringing up the child and finally her death. Every one present there wept to be honest. One offers Pindam not only to their Pitrus but also to Kaarunya Pitrus, to those who have had no offsprings, friends, even to the pet animals at home.

This Pindam is later taken to Vishnu Paadam where it is kept.  One chants Vishnu Sahasranamam during this time they say. Later on our return to the place where we stayed in Gaya, my father performed Paarvan Sradhdha. Again like in Varanasi, two Brahmins are allocated to each Karta. Unlike usual Sradhdha Food, the food here is Baically Poori, Sabji and Payasam. While Annam and Payasam are given seperatley to individual family, Poori and Sabji remains common for all.

 As The Brahmins there are Mythili Brahmins ( from Mithila) who prefer Poori Sabji than rice, it is customary to satisfy them in accordance with their needs. A word of Caution here sir.

Please be very careful when giving Dakshina to the two Brahmins as they are never satisfied with what you give. So please inquire before about Dakshina beforehand. Here too one offers Veshti-towel to the two Brahmanas.

When we went to Gaya, it was during Mahalaya Paksham, so there were huge crowd there. People from all over Bihar, Eastern UP come to Pitru Paksha mela ever year. I don't think it will be crowded in March. It seems only South Indian Brahmins and Maarwaadi's offer rice as Pindam while the localites offer wheat pindam.

On completion of Sradhdha, we went to Vata Vriksham where one bows to the eternal tree and also offers not to eat a fruit, a vegetable and a leaf. This I guess should be the one used in Sradhdha. My father left Kottavarngai and dates. At Vata Vriksha, you are required to seek the satisfaction of a lone Brahmana who represents Pitru.
Gaya Sraddha is truly enduring as it stretches upto 6 PM in the evening. You may have Kanji or cup of coffee once.We had lunch only at 6:30 PM.

You can also buy Vishnu Paadam, a cooper plate with a single paadam which my father uses for Ammavasai Tarpanam. Please do not buy a plate with two paadam which is called Raamar Paadam and cannot be used to Ammavasai Tarpanam.

As we did not have time to visit Bodh Gaya, we returned to Varanasi late night. The next day my parents did Dampati Poojai and Ganga Pooja. One of the members in our group did Go-Dhaanam. During Dampati Poojai, a elderly couple is offered Sari and Veshti and my mother gave Metti, Maangalayam Bottu in addition.

That evening we paid a visit to Kashi Viswanath temple, Vishalakshi temple , Sozhi Amman temple, and the Kaala Bhairava temple. We were fortunate to visit Kashi Viswanath temple at the time of Saptarishi Pooja at evening 7'o clock. 

Due to security reasons we could not take camera inside the temple. This temple is in a placed called Gnanavaapi and is surrounded on 3 sides by Masjid.Sir, it is said that the Muslims while offering Namaz in the Masjid never show their back to the direction of Kashi Vishwanath. For book afficianados, there are many Sanskrit Book shops like Chowkambha ( Chatuh Stambha in Sanskrit).

We also visited the new Vishwanath temple inside the Banaras Hindu University Campus built by Pt.Madan Mohan Malviya. The journey to Kashi is not complete without visiting Kaala Bhairava temple. We could not visit, Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir due to lack of time and we had to attend the Ganga Aarthi at Dashashwamedha Ghat. My mother also made a visit to local Saree Shops. 

The next day we boarded a train to Chennai from Mugal Sarai Station and from Chennai we took a train immediately to Rameswaram to complete the journey. We gave the water that we collected at Prayag at Sri Ramanathar swamy temple. On our return to Bangalore where we stay, we performed a Samaraadanai which completed our journey.

It was indeed a god's will that I could accompany my parents in their old age and Seeing these rituals performed from close has only made me respect god and my parents much more than before. Since we travelled during Pitru Paksham, my parents did not have food outside. Food was arranged by everywhere we went and even during our travel, we got food in Nagpur arranged by this gentleman ( I forgot his name ).

We brothers had been to Varanasi, Prayag and Gaya for performing sradham for our parents in March 2011
We stayed in Kanchi Kamokoti Mutt , Hanuman Ghat at Varanasi.  Accommodation is very good with A/C if needed.
They arrange srardham at  Prayag, Varanasi and  at Gaya also.  
First day we went to Prayag and after sumangali poojas, bath in triveni etc., performed sradham at the Mutt premises.  
Second day we performed Ganga Pooja, bath etc in Ganga, thambadhi pooja etc.,  and performed srardham at the Mutt premises at Varanasi. 
You can take even two days for these.  
Third day we performed pinda pradhanam  at sripadham and at banion tree and sradham at the Mutt premises at Gaya.
All arrangements including Vadhyars, Brahminas and  food etc are arranged by the Kanchi Mutt Manager at all these three places. K. Sanckar.
we have a close association with sri sankarashstrigal  his mobile number is 9841007660, please feel free to call hime and may be you could refer my name in simple as cheenu ( giri)- sankarashastrigal will be kind enough to give guidance

I am Hema R.......... My husband and I had been to Gaya to do the Shradam for my parents in law and brother in law, in August 2010. It is best to approach the Kanchi Shankar Mutt, situated at Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi to make the arrangements. We did just that. We had to reach Allahabad. transport from there with a guide was arranged by the mutt. We were taken to the Shiva Mutt there. we performed the rituals at the mutt and at the Sangam.

All arrangements for this also was made by the Shankar Mutt. Around 4pm, after lunch we were driven to Varanasi. We were given a room in the mutt there. Rooms are good and comfortable but there are no bedding etc available.

So it is advisable to carry them along. From the next day, all rituals were arranged at the Mutt, including Shraddham, pooja at the different ghats and snanams etc. On the fourth day we were driven to Gaya. [ Takes about 5 hours] .

We stayed at the Shankar mutt there. Again comfortable room with NO furnishing or bedding etc. The day after that, Gaya shraddham was organized by the Shankar mutt.

This takes a long time and it is about 4pm in the evening by the time one feeds the brahmins and is able to have lunch. Soon after that we were driven back to Varanasi [ by 10pm] The next day we had Dampathi poojai, also arranged by the Mutt. With that the Gaya shraddham ends. One can request the mutt to take one around sight seeing or temple hopping.

We visited all the temples this way. We were dropped back at the railway station. All the time we had a guide with us. That way we were not fleeced by the pundits. The Shankar Mutt charges a fixed amount for making all the arrangements.

The Manager there is extremely helpful and nice. They also help you in your shopping. Thanks to the Shankar Mutt, we were able to complete the Gaya Shraddham to out satisfaction.

With best wishes and regards

I am happy u are visiting Kasi.Pls contact Mahadeva ganapadigal who has separate comfortable rooms with western toilet fan etc. his E mail and the cell no that  is given below .for further details contact him

Very glad to provide details of  Kasi Yatra. I have been in this yathra twice - Once with my wife and next in group of 36 persons.

For Iyers Kasi yathra has to start from Rameswaram. There you can stay in Sankara Madam or In sringery madam. There are Vadhyars who will help in doing all the rituals . You have to collect Sand from there and then proceed to Allahabad.

There is Siva Madam in Allahabad and one Mr. Sundaram Iyer is there and he will arrange all your stay food, and rituals to be done at Thriveni Sangamam.
 There you have to put the sand in Triveni and collect Triveni water, do the rituals Mr Sundaram Ph no.05322500799.

He can arrange taxi to Kasi and Gaya.

Next proceed to Kasi. There Is a person called Swamimalai Krishna murthy Ganapadigal who will take care of all the programmes. One full day programme including Srardham to be performed there. His contact no is 0542 2310134 or 0933533137.

His son Mr Siva will also help.

Next go to Gaya where you can stay in Karnatak Bavan. There also you have to do rituals. Being an Iyengar, I did this only in Gaya. There we have to put 64 pindams out which 16 is for the mother alone where as for all others it is one pindam only.

When the Vadhyar says the meaning for each pindam for mother every body will certainly cry/ weep for the sacrifices done by our mothers. One should experience this during the life time

Contact no. Mr Raghavendra Acharya 099317840631

The persons in the above places are doing excellent services .Their charges are also nominal.

According to our Vedas. our fore parents would be waiting in those places for us and see whether we are coming there for doing Pinda Pradanam. so that their sole is released and go to Swargam.

After completing this once again go to Rameswaram and do the poojas with the water brought from Triveni and thus completing the process.

This is what I understand. I hope this would be beneficial to many who want to go to this yathra.

If anybody wants to combine this with other places like, Chitrkood, Naimisaranyam Ayodhya etc, there are conducted tour available from Chennai. If need I can provide address and phone no of such Tours.



Rameshwaram Yatra 

We decided to do some days  a trip to kasi to fulfil our forefathers pithru karyams so we went to Rameswaram in 2006 and did the pithru karyangal for aday by staying in a hotel and hired a vadhyar to help us perform the karyams and collected the sand from which is known as ....Bindu Madhav

Later this year suddenly we decided to finish off the kasi trip and felt it is the right time to do so before we become too old or too aged.

After completing our kasi trip, we left for Rameswaram from Chennai by catching the Rameswaram Express and reached Rameswaram by 4.30 in the morning. We had coffee and milk at the station cafe, took an auto to reach a hotel for a short stay . The auto fellow took us to Sri. Palani Andavar Lodge  (04573-221042 )wid a/c and the room service and charges are nominal. Since we would be leaving before 9 am we opted for an non a/c room for Rs. 550/ and after taking bath went to the temple. There we learnt that the Gangai water abhishekam would be performed only after 7 am so went to the shore opposite the temple for the  sunrise . That day though it was slightly cloudy, the horizon was clear and in 4 minutes the was totally up. The weather was pleasant. I missed the camera. Whatever pictures are posted ,they are from the net.

After waiting to get the special darshan, we purchased 2 tickets each for Rs. 50/ and a special one for Rs. 30 being  the gangai abhishekam ( the rate is as per the size of the sombu). We were made to sit in front of the Garba graham for 5 minutes and the sankalpam, archanai and the abhishekam was over and we had a nice darshan. 
The entire pilgrimage's finishing part was over in 15 minutes and we left for Madurai after filling our energy station with a plate of idlis and dosa.

Personally I would advice people not to hire any pandit for this yatra. And one can do the thampathi pooja and Samaradhanai at home with one's home vadhyars. 

360 Degree panorama of Varanasi.


  1. Can anyone give me kasi chettiyar kadai's phone number !! ?? !! i am in need of the shop's number ! i tried with the numbers 0542-2275472 and 09336845590 ! but both numbers are not in use ! so pls anyone help me in giving kasi chettiyar kadai's number !

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