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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banking on your eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It has become a trend not to have babies in the late twenties and  early thirties but to have  in their late thirties as career comes first to stabilise their life .Due to their biological clock ticking and the fear of having not so healthy kids at a later stage, forces the couple to opt for freezing their eggs. In some cases, due to unavoidable situations like undergoing radiation and chemotherapy also paves way for the same.    

 So what else than the best option available?  Go for freezing when they are young and also avail the facility of freezing their embryos only to be stored for their future use.This facility has proven beneficial .The egg banking helps women to preserve fertility. If a woman does not want to use her eggs in her 20s or by the age of 35, If she decides not to use it for herself then she has the option to donate them  or have them used for research.Egg freezing is ideal at an age when the woman’s eggs are most viable i.e. in her 20s or by the age of 35.

It's surprising to see many youngsters volunteer to donate their sperms and eggs and have no inhibitions in doing so. There are good clinics which makes the donors undergo a series of tests before collecting their eggs / sperms and pays them also. 

Recently there was a dispute where the lady who also stored her eggs and her boyfriend's sperms misused the same and gave birth to a child and was demanding  a share from the boyfriend's wealth, going publicly much to the embarrassment of the wife and her boyfriend!

Everything comes with a price? 

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  1. from Dakshayaeni, Indus Ladies....
    You know what, all ideas are started for a good cause, but its the people who uses them for other causes or to meet their own personal requirements. One of the causes for egg freezing is to help people overcome certain health conditions and give birth to children. If its used by people to solve their problems with careers then we really cannot blame the cause of egg freezing right?

    Also, when I look at myself, being a mother, a s/w professional and an owner of a small venture, I do not think that I needed to freeze my eggs to suit my timing convenience. You have to simply get on with life as it comes. With so many people giving birth at their late thirtees there are other social challenges that being created unknowingly. For example the generation gap between the parents and the children, which in turn are taking an ugly turn of turning children into money making creatures to support families without exploring life. There is no concept of family time between parents and children since we get irritated and hyper at this age with additional responsibility of a child, we follow rules and process to bring them up but care much less.

    But I have seen my friends who are like me managing different activities, without having to freeze eggs. Personally I feel people who says they do not have time for children and are too busy with their careers now but will have children later, are people who fails to make a mark professionally at a proper time. Since now they realize that they need to achieve more hence they need to work hard thus pushing their parent hood dates further. It is probably more to do with professional lows than highs which compels them to take such a decision.

    Sorry for if my personal thoughts hurts anyone, but my intention is not to hurt any people.

    Thanks for such a lovely post, its a food for thought I guess