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Friday, December 23, 2011

Multi vegetable Maggie noodles upma

  Around two decades back when people used to say about the noodles I would look at them with a question mark! I was surprised to know my nephews who were just eight and ten were preparing them on their own. It just threw me off guard! When they can do it  would it be so difficult for me not even to give a try? 

Challenge to my own confidence?

 Next I tried with the steps given on the wrapper carefully going through and measuring sincerely and it was there not in two minutes but in five minutes!

Later when I prepared and gave my dear husband he took it and of course without passing his regular comments, idula konjam vegetables potturundha thookkittirukkum! ( if you have added some vegetables, it would have tasted well)

So from day 2 onwards there is no Maggie noodles without vegetables.

What you need to have is:

 the common vegetables which we use for upma like onion, potato, carrot, beans, all finely chopped .Cauliflower take florets, peas,curry leaves and green chillies .

Take a kadhai  and pour oil  put the finely cut green chillies and fry  the onion first and then add all the vegetables and keep frying. 

Add water for the vegetables to cook and pour the measured water for the noodles,  empty the noodles masala ,add salt .

Once the vegetables are cooked break the noodles ,cover and keep . 

Just after 3 minutes  switch off the gas and serve with chopped coriander .

You can have tomato sauce or and  chilly sauce to add to taste.

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