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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Manu says “Let a woman स्त्री attend to her household duties most cheerfully and with great dexterity, keep her utensils and apparel clean, her home tidy, her furniture free from dust, all eatables pure, clean and free from dirt. Let her never be lavish in expenditure. Let her cooking be done so nicely that the food may act on the system like a good medicine and keep away disease. Let her keep a proper account of income and expenditure and show it to her husband, use her servants properly and see that nothing goes wrong in the house.” (Chapter V-50).

I say,' let a woman as well the man attend to the household cheerfully and share the chores so that it does not become a one-sided affair,  sharing here is cutting vegetables, dusting,sweeping, fetching vegetables , provisions, folding clothes, attending to minor repairs ,attending the door bell, save and spend with a pre-planned budget, consulting each other, giving respect to each other's suggestions,and top of it maintain a good relationship.


“Let the husband and the wife read and recite the Vedas and other Shastras that soon give increase of wisdom, teach the means of acquiring wealth and promote their welfare. Let them also carefully revise what they have studied during their student life and teach the same. As far as a man thoroughly understands the Shastras, so far as can his knowledge advance and so far may his love for them grow.” (Manu IV-19, 20).

  I say," Let them share and discuss the Vedas and other Shastras  and be slightly flexible in following them as per time and requirements , as far as they do not deviate but well  within the  specified parameters to bring culture in life."

She should do such noble actions which would please her husband and would bring him glory, honour, faith in God and the final attainment of God-consciousness. She should be humble, active and straightforward. She should have a knowledge of the duties of the grihasthi Grihasthis. She should herself do all the works of the house. She should know cooking well.

I say," why only "she"? , both should do noble acts, and be noble in thoughts , do not do anything to please each other but do things to bring glory to their livelihood and family and future.   Both should be humble, straightforward, it is mandatory for both to know the duties of the grihasthi Grihasthis and equally to give hand to each other in Grihastashram. (Why, she should know to cook well and the man would know to eat well and comment well?) 

She should respect all her husband’s relatives. She must serve her old mother-in-law and father-in-law. She must do prostration to old ladies in the house, father-in-law, mother-in-law, Sadhus, Sannyasins and Bhaktas. She must give alms to poor people, Sannyasins and Brahmacharins when they come to her house. She should give blankets and clothes to Sannyasins. She should treat the guests and friends of her husband with respect. She should invite them for dinner on auspicious days. She should serve poor and sick people, Sadhus and Sannyasins.

I say," Both she and her husband should respect all equally whether they are in- laws or outlaws,  Nowadays prostrating has become a farce and it's dangerous to do it for the sadhus and sanyasis, with so many fakes roaming around freely. Unless a woman herself gets the feeling to do so, she should not be forced to do it for anyone including the husband. I agree for serving the poor and the needy with food and essential things, provided you have enough for you.''

She should be charitable and spend one-tenth of her husband’s income in charity. She should cut the coat according to the cloth. She should never live beyond the income of her husband. She should never borrow. She should make both ends meet. She should never allow the expenditure exceed the income of her husband. She should have a very large heart, she should get up at four in the morning and practise meditation. She should wake up her children also at this time and make them do Japa and Kirtan.

I say," the one tenth of the husband's income goes for paying various taxes. She should cut the coat a................... income of her husband.  Which means the wife is solely responsible for running the house hold? What a way to blame the woman! Large heart and get up at four? No wonder Indian husbands are still following it religiously, throwing everything on women and relaxing. Is it possible for a woman and kids to wake up early and do japa, thapa etc? 

The sleeping apartment must be furnished with the pictures of saints, Rama, Krishna, Narayana, Shiva. Husband, wife and children will draw inspiration when they look at the pictures. The child in the womb is influenced by the sentiments and emotions of the mother. If she studies daily Ramayana or Bhagavata and leads a pious life during her period of pregnancy, she will give birth to a noble and pious child. Napoleon’s mother always kept with her pictures of Greek and Roman heroes and sang songs of these heroes. Thus the heroic spirit was created in Napoleon while he was dwelling in the womb of his mother. Abhimanyu learnt the way to go inside the Padma Vyuha (Chakravyuha) when he was in his mother’s womb.

I say," The apartments do not have moving or living space where is the question of posting the pictures of Gods? The current generation asks so many questions related to these Gods and there is no answer to convince them. With the advancement of science and technology there is no room for myths and mysteries.  It's true that the mother adapting to the pious culture helps the child in the womb. But with the world surrounded by scams, corruption, murders ,calamities the mother cannot get a breathing time to think of other things,her first priority would be to save her and the child from all these things and how? Even before seeing the light of the world ,the child is caught in the
Chakravyuha of disasters of the indiscipline world!"

Mother is the first Guru. The child learns the alphabet from the mother. The child learns to speak from its mother. She may make him a saint or a ruler or a rogue. She imparts her virtues to her child with the milk.

I say,"  I TOTALLY AGREE to these statements. Of course a mother is the Guru and she is the one who shows the child its father. 'Matha, Pitha.....

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