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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short stories from mails .........Life and its problems

Once upon a time, there lived a great sage. He had many disciples who held him in great respect. Some of his disciples were very pious in nature while others were dull witted. These dull witted disciples used to feel jealous of the pious disciples and blamed the great sage for partiality.

The Master tried to convince them that his teachings were similar to all and if there is any difference I the wisdom it is due to their lack of sincerity and attention.

The Master was hurt but to appear fair to all and teach the jealous students a lesson gave them a small and simple test. The test was to go to the nearby village, find, and bring one good fellow. The complaining disciples were overjoyed and rushed to the village but to their bad luck they could not find one good person, every person has committed some crime or sin.

They returned disappointed and accused the Master for giving them an impossible task. They came back frustrated and said that there was no single good person everybody has committed some crime or sin. The village was full of bad people and challenged him that even his favorite disciples would not be able to accomplish it.

Smiling the Master called one of the pious disciples and gave him the task of going to the village and bringing one of the bad people. The jealous disciples were surprised and accused the Master saying that as believed by them he has given the easy task to his favorite disciple and he would face no problem in finding the bad people, as the village was full of them.

The Master counseled patience and after some time the pious disciple returned unsuccessful and told the Master that he could not find one bad fellow as every person has done some good deed or the other.

The grumbling disciples were shocked and then the master said, Your wisdom blooms when you find a spark of virtue in everything, and it withers away when you spot a vice in everything.

The world is a mixture of joy and grief, and your wisdom depends on what you choose to take out of it. People, who adopt a positive attitude in life, progress fast. But those, who adopt a negative attitude, can only proceed slowly, If at all.

This story reveals how one should face life and its problem.

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