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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

People may come and people may go.......


People may come and people may go away from you, but you be the same. 
You may come across people who will attach to you, or discard you, cling to you sometimes, or at the most disown you. It's quite possible in the present century we are living in.

If you find fair weather friends or relatives, just come away from them you do not need them. Do not take their call, hang up the phone, disconnect their conversation. Let them also disown you, you do not require any support from support- less persons, nor do you have to cling to them ,you can do without them also.

Each one comes with the motive and destiny joins them with others. It's like the goods wagon wherever they have to shunted out, it will be done. 

Their purpose in your life is over and they might be required somewhere, so do not brood over, if they talk good or ill of you, let them talk, you have no control over it.

What is said in Bhagwad Gita?

 Whatever is happening and has happened  for the best and is going to happen will happen, whether you like it or not .

You do not have to worry about the past or future but work for your present.

We all came empty handed and will go empty handed in the mean time how can we say that things which are in our contacts  belonged to us?

We brought nothing so there should be no fear of losing any. We cannot claim any ownership , whatever we get is given to us by God, so give it back to HIM. 

What you own today is from someone's yesterday's , may be someone else's tomorrow and to another a day after.

Never to live in the illusion of MAYA, it is the root cause of all pain and misery. 

Why to have a hold on something which is not  ours? So let it go.

Past is over it's like a canceled cheque, so let it leave you. 

If someone does not deserve your love and care,leave him/ her.

If someone has hurt you, let him/ her  go.

If your mind is filled with ego, negative feelings and jealousy, let them go.

If you are under influence of bad people and habits, leave them. 

If you have control of others, leave it.

If you are in a strained  relationship, let it go.

If you are feeling low, let it go.
If you feel something is preventing you from coming up pulling you down, leave it.

Have no expectations, have no disappointments!

1 comment:

    Posted by: upfsabari
    On: 12th September 2011 01:59 PM

    Well said mathangi.. Usually I wont have this fair type friends.. They are justacquaintances.. I believe in the thought "If anything is happening, then fine. If nothing is happening, very much fine."
    Liked your words "Have no expectations, have no disappointments! "
    Re: People may come and people may go.......
    Posted by: vidraghu
    On: 12th September 2011 07:17 PM

    Good post mathangi! Thoughtful post for the present world! We should just live for the present instead of brooding over past or future! Whatever happens, its only for our good.. We should start believing it... Then no probs u c....
    Re: People may come and people may go.......
    Posted by: nihasvin
    On: 12th September 2011 08:01 PM

    Good one mathangiji!! "Expectation hurts" This is actually applicable to everyone!! Say,if i expect my Dh to give me a Surprise gift on my b'day and if he dint give it(though he has got me dresses/etc when we both been to a shop) it will be definitely a disappointment..And i am a staunch believer of "Whatever happens,it happens for the best" !