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Monday, August 1, 2011

How to be happy and have peace of mind?

An idle mind is a devil's workshop so never keep yourself idle, better chalk out activities to engage you in your free time so that you are occupied and do not have time think ill or bad to spoil your mind. Have some reading, cleaning, stitching or helping people around you may be your own family members. Listen to bhajans, spiritual talks on TV; watch some entertaining channels rather than the stupid saas bahu serials. 

Believe in yourself and you will gain in terms of patience, inner strength and will power.
Better not to expect any appreciation or recognition for your job or task, they become sweet coated pills for you. It all depends on your status and position at the time of appreciation. You cannot expect more form the world of selfish people. If at heart you are convinced of what you are doing, fine, go ahead. 

Do not put off what you can do today. The one who knows the value of time would never do things in an unorganized way. The more you delay, the more your inefficiency which results you in failure to meet the deadlines. The earlier you start; you have more time for correction and rectification. Nothing happens as we planned; there are always certain things which happen unanticipated. Experience is the best teacher if not today, may be tomorrow!

 So many things keep happening around us and we have hold on some, while some are beyond our control. So why worry for those which do not come under our jurisdiction? It's better to allow them to take their own course. Time will set right everything.

Throw your 'seeing green' attitude, each one has come with his/ her luck and so do not feel jealous of others.  We all have something or the other and what we are is framed by destiny. Our mere existence is predestined and all we can do is to be happy rather than feel jealous of others! One man's food is other man's poison! As long as you are away from grudge, jealousy, you are safe and you are sure to have peace of mind.

  To keep the clutter out of our mind we should de clutter it, how to do it? The best way is to meditate and find peace. Meditation calms the mind from wandering .Just like the garbage filled dust bin the mind emanates un wanted thoughts .This will enhance the quality of your work. 

Try to maintain distance while dealing with others do not poke your nose in others business. Voluntary suggestions and ideas are not always welcomed in the same spirits.
We should know our limitations, and let's not bite off more than we can chew.  Always try to be within one's capacity even though there is no harm in trying but it should not over burden us to such an extent that we end up in a nervous breakdown. 

You can't change people's attitude overnight if you know how difficult it is for us. So accept people for what they are and do not hold grudges against them. Try to forgive them and forget them. If you cannot forgive them, forget them or vice versa. Who has seen tomorrow to hold grudge? We do so many mistakes and God keeps forgiving us and we are after all human beings .Nothing is permanent except change , so change for better.

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