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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Working Women ........

Fighting has been the fortitude  of women in life. 

A woman 's fight starts from study ,to get qualified for a job of her choice ,and then  to enter the job field, but  it does not stop there. 

At some places the salary depends not on efficiency but on the status of the women!

The organization does not have any consideration for  her,even though discharging of the duty is the same like her male counterpart.

 Once she gets married the employers have a different attitude as she may go for maternity leave, so her chances of promotion  becomes sleek, they offer less pay.

At some places the salary depends not on efficiency but on the status of the women!The organization does not have any consideration for  her,even though discharging of the duty is the same like her male counterpart. In fact management fails to understand that women are made for multitasking and they can excel men given a chance! All they need is security at work place for their honour.

The marital status doesn't not affect men WHY?

They can marry, get transfer and expect the spouse to follow, raise kids and forgo promotion and worst comes leave the job if not opted for work from home. 
Why this disparity, and they can't tolerate a female boss at work place, why? 

Many women prefer to remain single fearing the plum assignments leaving their hands, and to reach the top rung, they have to swim across the current and the management always has the fear of these single getting ready to mingle with marriage and pose a threat to their organization.

Mainly career oriented women prefer to marry at a later stage , knowing the disadvantages of a married partner would present in their life.  

Whenever any question of sacrifice comes , it's the wife who resigns or looks for a less salaried offer so that she gives a helping hand to the husband simultaneously paying full attention to the family.
She thinks before getting married and at times prefers grooms from the same place of work instead of begging for transfer or change of job. The men folk are not ready to shift as per place of work.
Once gets married she juggles around home, work place,with  no control over  her salary,  Facing the MCP husbands at home within the joint family  brings gender bias along with it. Not only she has to tackle the home front but also her work place also. 

Failure to meet the demands of the joint family, kids and job leaves her with the option of looking for some jobs with a slight adjustment which would be conducive for her to work efficiently.

Obviously it results in the compromise of not getting into jobs as per one's skill,or to be on the safer side opt for clerical posts in Banks. 

At work place they face multiple unexpressed problems like  work related issues, tackling advances, sexual abuse, exploitation whether they are unmarried or single.

Moreover, added to the pressure of work at  office, they have to adjust to the difficulty in home front  look for flexi timings.

 How many offices have a separate rest room along with the wash room for the women force? They do not voice their grievances because of their "in-built"patience and tolerance level which is taken for granted by the management.  

Those who join within 3 months of delivering the child, do not know how to ''market their problems" properly. They do not ask for baby centers or 'Creche' for their kids. 
Any problem they have to bear silently and perform well to meet the 'target' .

If by chance a woman climbs up the ladder,out of jealousy colleagues throw mud at her character questioning  her plum post? 

In spite of all the hurdles many women tried and broke the glass ceilings and proved their mettle , I appreciate them for their grit and determination. Hail women!!!!!!!!


  1. Couldn't agree more.. well articulated Mathangi :)

  2. Re: Working Women
    Posted by: hridhaya
    On: 28th July 2011 02:24 AM

    yes,It is sort of pressuring women to handle many things at one time. Though men work hard, their primary focus in life is only to go to work and make money. Any extra involvement is treated as a great thing by society. But we should not stop fighting this battle.It is much needed in forming an unbiased society though the change would happen in a snail pace.
    Re: Working Women
    Posted by: armummy
    On: 28th July 2011 05:19 AM

    I think if woman give thier 100% to thier jobs , They are rewarded equally well. The Problem is when woman gets married, she starts taking up a lot of responsibility at home front and obviously she cannot give as much time as she used to do early and it affects the promotions and salaries because there will be others who would spend more time and energy at thier work. Kids add more responsibility.

    It is a competitive world, If woman choose to be more competitive she will be rewarded nut then that means she will have to spend more time and energy at work..