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Friday, July 22, 2011

Happiness and Me......

The Beauty of Life does not depend on how happy you are…
But how happy others can be… Because of You!  

Happiness is a state of mind and we can't hold anyone responsible for our happiness.

As far as possible I try to take happiness with me and see happiness. Even the days when I do not have any of the domestic helps around, I would like to chalk out a programme to do and the best company I have is my Music system with some Carnatic songs, sometimes old Hindi film songs.
When it is decided that I have to do things myself, it's better I take it lightly and this is what my life is so better be happy and enjoy rather than grumble and blame or curse.

I decide that I am going to be happy at a particular moment and it's my choice, and i advise others also the same: be happy with the things around you, it may be your own children ,grand kids and other relatives.

Why should I look up to others for my happiness?

The fact that I am happy or not, doesn't depend on anyone but on me.

The moment I leave it to others to have a control over my happiness I am doomed.Each one's life is different, and all do not have the same type.

Experience teaches us the happiness, how to derive it,just like a candle lighting the other,we can also bring  the light of happiness around us.
There are many reasons for not to be happy. It may be finance,sickness, weather, ill health, jealousy, criticism, insult, humiliation, love failure, coming down in one's own expectation,no recognition, lack of appreciation, failing to reach the high hopes, failure to meet th deadlines or ignoring one's existence!

Happiness is clearly seen on one's face, it cannot hide the happiness, even if it's a short lived one, be happy, take the chance to be happy because you do not know when you will get the chance to be happy the next time!

 The mere information  about the arrival of friends or relatives bring happiness in the house  why, because they are cheerful people who bring happiness when they come, we should also try to be like them taking happiness with us when we visit.

 There are two types of people, one leave happiness when they go, the other take happiness with them when they go! You decide who you would like to be mentioned as......

BEING HAPPY  is an attitude about life and each one of us must decide!

BEING HAPPY, depends on you!

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  1. Re: Happiness and ME.....
    Posted by: natpudan
    On: 27th July 2011 06:07 PM

    A very nice write up on Happiness showcasing that it is within us.

    It's one's Attitude's Viewpoint - rightly said.

    We understand what goes in to or inside our body & mind should always be healthy stuff - viz. food, thoughts, etc.

    When is a sound mind is in a sound body? Only when we are happy by making others around happy.

    Happiness is one flu that never needs to be treated but only spread like the flu......