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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Handy Health Tips

A simple way to prevent acne is to avoid cosmetics that contain synthetic chemicals and vegetable oils.

A teaspoon of powdered pomegranate  consumed with water early morning helps purify blood.

Aloe vera gel applied to the scalp works as a good conditioner and promotes hair growth.

Apples are rich in vitamins and helps reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Apply a paste of haldi and orange juice on your fce and wash with cold water for glowing skin.

Avoid sucking lemons regularly. The citric acid can make your teeth extra sensitive to cold food.

Avoid using hot water, dryers or other hot hair care tools  they can damage your hair.

Before you snuggle into bed, apply some lip cream. The rich creamy texture will get your lip soft and supple by early morning.

Boil tamarind leaves in water and add salt, pour this liquid over an aching joint for instant relief.

Chewing 12 Tulsi leaves twice a day prevents stress.

Coconut is known for its anti fungal properties. coconut oil forms the base of many aur vedic preparations.

Drink carrot juice at least once aday to protect your skin against sun damage.

Eating bananas, and other rich potassium-rich foods, is an instant cure for hangovers.

Feeling under the weather? boil some slices of onion in water, add black pepper and ginger and drink for quick relief.

For a sound sleep, eat almonds.

For healthy skin, apply coconut water on your face. It will help get rid of dirt and oil.

Gargle with wrm water solution after brushing every night to relieve a tooth ache.

Grapes clear mucous from the lungs. Squeeze the juice and add a bit of honey to it.

Guava, when eaten with seeds, provides relief against constipation.

Having trouble sleeping? Taking a warm shower will help heavy dinner will not.

Mix a little baby oil and sugar together and rub your hands and feet to make them soft.

Munch on carrot sticks for healthier teeth. They are rich in fibre, act as tooth brush and make your teeth look whiter.

To help alleviate problems with pollen, molds and dustmites, air condition your house and car , if possibleadd an air cleaner to your centaral air conditioner.

To get rid of hicupps try sucking on a lemon wedge.

To get rid of dark circles, mix papaya with cucmber pulp and apply the mixture below your eyes.

To relieve pain ,arthiritis patients must drink plenty of cherry juice.

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