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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day

This day comes and goes every year, like any other day. But the position of women and the hardships an ordinary woman undergoes also does not change.The word has -man in it and if one sees many times it's the men who are responsible for their life. 

Today I received a not so pleasant news from my cook who was absent for 3 days, she came to inform me that one of her sisters - the fifth one ,committed suicide leaving her 4 and 3 yrs old sons, the reason for her to take the extreme steps is her husband having an affair with some other one's wife!!!

Does she have to go to the extreme to punish him. Surprisingly  her mother has got all her 5 daughters to drunkards only, she belongs to the previous generation of not keeping the daughters at home.

Those who die like this are really selfish people, I would have welcomed her taking her sons along with her as it happens in many cases here, not a single day goes without the mothers taking these steps, either jumping from the terrace, death by hanging or poisoning. 

Kids can live without a father but not without a mother, esp. at a tender age, how much the scene would haunt them.
Next is a murder of a 20 year old college girl in Delhi, on a  broad day light  today in the presence many people who  were busy using the same  bridge. 

Where is the safety for the women of all ages? How are they going to be protected from the murderers, rapists, drunken husbands? Threat is waiting to happen to them at all corners.

Women are the guiding factor in a family. A woman can make or mar happiness.

  She can make happiness bloom all around .She gives love  in all forms : Sister who adores, Daughter who binds, Mother who cares, Granny who guides, Wife who Loves, Friend who  comforts .

  They are  special, unique y deserve that, it's their day!!! Happy Women's Day.

 "Respect a woman and expect her to respect you"

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