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Friday, January 21, 2011

Thinking Time!

 How many talk to oneself in everyday life is questionable, but it's my habit to talk to myself silently [unlike some thinking loud]  and  then introspect  my thoughts, actions and that day's happenings and I prefer the time when I am free from any chores. Sometimes while cooking, I think of things to do or have done and recall some of the pleasant, unpleasant events, how I faced them.

At night before going to bed, I pray ,which I inherited from my father, and thank God for what all He has given me till now, and request Him to keep me the same till the end. 

I have this habit of doing 'sit ups' before God after my pooja . My sincere prayer  till today is He should keep me in a way that till the end I should be able to  do the same  'sit ups'. One way it's a selfish prayer, because I do not want to be a burden to anyone till my last breath. If I could do 'sit ups', that means I could move , fold my limbs and my body is flexible.  Enough!

After my prayer, first I go silent and  listen carefully to my  heart regarding my behaviour that day. I listen to my joy, pain, fears, desires.I analyse why I felt bad or happy,in touch with my true self...Many times I had confronted with my own inner self.

At times I could feel, I am not able to take things as it is, then I just give a thought what if I leave it to the way others want.  I quiet down, reflect, and listen to my inner voice.

The best way is  to deal head on with problems ,is I feel  to clear my mind instead of filling it with painful, confusing details. I leave it to the break of day.The break of day breaks the negativity in me!

I prefer to  allow my  wisdom, if at all I have any , to do my  thinking. More often than not,  I get an answer to my problem if not immediately,  this I feel is  due to God's grace and then  my thinking becomes reasonable. 

'Worry is the interest  paid in advance for the  amount which is not due!'
 The less I  worry about my  problems, the easier they will be to solve! I do not have the right to worry for the things which are beyond my control. 

The actions I do  today will definitely have its repercussion tomorrow. Sometimes I have had the time when I have remained awake till early dawn, simply looking at the  blank walls silently waiting for either sleep to take over or the day to take over. 

I actually make the list for 'thinking time'. 

I feel, everyone should start thinking, and do a 'self-talk' . By doing so, we can know what is in our hearts. Who knows one can come up with easy solutions to change one's destiny!

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