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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Final Verdict !

The other day I happened to visit our old family friend inside our complex, and the conversation was going on as usual and suddenly it took a turn on to the family planning operation and the incentives given by the office. Those days it was Rs. 250/.I was only a silent spectator along with another lady friend of mine.

There was a discussion going on among friends in the office at the time and definitely the views would also be a variety. 'Variety is the Spice of Life’.

 X said some three officers who are as thick as thieves, were in dilemma as to who should go for it, in the sense whether it should be the wife or the husband. Y said it should be the wife as she is sitting at home and it’s easy. X said he has gone for it as he thought it should be the men   because they already undergo delivery, but these three friends were having a second thought. They were very particular that only their spouses should undergo.
When Y asked ‘why’ pat came the reply,
‘’It would be like giving them freedom to stray! ‘’
What- a trust worthy partner? !

Till now I do not know whether the task was done and how many strayed, how often and where etc. Why blame only the ‘weaker sex’? The ‘stronger sex’ does not have a role to play in straying? Can you clap with one hand? Have women become so cheap those days, how did the men get this idea?
I know a case where the husband walked up to the hospital along with a colleague, and came back for the fear of being ignored by his wife! According to him if he undergoes, it would have an impact on his marital life!
 This is also an inflated ego!

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