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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Say' NO' to crackers.

 SAY NO to crackers, the hands that make is  used for making crackers, exposing them to hazardous health risks , depriving them their childhood, and they do not get burst their creations but become the cause for many accidents risking their lives.

Till I was a teenager, I never understood the fact that Kids were used in this industry, I just could not imagine and later when I came to know I tried to convince myself to not to buy or burst crackers. Secondly one's hard earned money is wasted in no seconds to ashes.

With no thought for the onlookers, passers by  and the vehicles nearby people burst crackers which have taken its toll on people becoming a victim .Many have tales to narrate on their deafness, blindness,skin irritation, allergy, breathlessness etc.

 I wonder why people go mad in bursting crackers whether it's victory of winning the  elections,  matches,  during marriages, festivals or any celebration! Lakhs of money is spent and for expressing one's jubilant mood!, Can not one think of any other way of expressing the same ?

 Donate , feed the needy and poor, help the needy, buy things or give your old and get a new clothes for you!
So many orphanages, ashrams,  and street urchins who do not get a handful of food.

I appreciate the Diwali resolution of Dr. Devi Shetty who has decided to set up a trust to conduct a dialysis  for Rs. 300/.

 I feel that unless one needs to buy the dresses, accessories or jewelery, one should not just indulge in buying spree!  No festivals or celebrations should impose on unconditional  buying.And if you buy then donate atleast one to the needy.

Noise pollution adds to the air pollution during Diwali, where is any one following the rule of  not bursting crackers  from 11 pm to 6 am???? no one monitors and no one complaints , if at all lallu panjus like me complain, I am stared at as if I have come from some strange planet!

These two pollutions add to the health problem for those who burst , make ,and those innocent people like me who  are exposed .

I feel sincerely instead of wasting money on crackers if each individual does a small bit on one's side, we together can make a difference!

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