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Thursday, November 4, 2010


'I fold my hands before the light that brings the prosperity,
auspiciousness ,good health and abundance of wealth ,
 destruction of  the darkness and negativity'.

 Deepavali - Deepa means lights, avali means -row  a festival of a row of lights.

As far as I know Diwali is a festival where we have to get up very early, take oil bath and wear nu clothes,[ one can expect definitely nu clothes for diwali]  and burst crackers apart from getting half a jangiri, rava laadu, mixture/Kara sev. Even though the snacks and sweets are made in large quantity, it is difficult to give full to everyone. 

 In joint family system, it is a prestigious issue to get up early and taking bath first. Not only within the house even with the neighbors the competitive spirit would extend, it all depends on who the first one to burst the bomb!

 Many times we have not had proper sleep, fearing others out witting us! Those days it was firewood stove for boiling water for bath, so if you want, be there and get water and later pour ordinary water for the next one .It was like a relay. Till dawn we will be on the road with all boys and girls together, in between barter system will exist, taking care of our own quota of 4-5 sparklers [kambi mathaappu] 4 tablets snake, 2 match box colorful mathaappu, if one is a lucky girl, you get 1 Lakshmi bomb, 2 oosi pattasu, [the thin red and green in a pack] sometimes two would share the Vishnu chakram flowerpot, and sangu chakram, that’s all.

In a family of 12 kids where will one go to give all to all!!!!!

Naturally, the boys would come with the offer of exchanging their sparklers with the bombs! We foolish girls [why surprised, we r fools indeed] would do so. Apart from this after noon, would visit the street to find out any un bursted bombs to collect and later in a group would burst, the boys would wonder whether we had stolen from their quota! We have really stolen from them and one cannot accuse as we r too many…

Boys would roam around with friends we girls would be busy helping in the household work doing everything sleepily. Grand mother would give each one, new one rupee note when we touch her feet. 

Of course it would go to the parents. 

By late night the Diwali mood would vanish, the next day one has to go to school.

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