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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red or Green?

Mohan Raj and his wife approached the 'Neel Nursing home' with a lot of apprehension. They have heard people saying that sex determination test [ SDT ] is conducted in the form of scan,
they paid the fees and waited for their turn to meet the Dr.

They were deep in thoughts as this is their third child and Nisha is reluctant to go ahead with this pregnancy. She has mentally and physically given up the task of delivering again an unwanted female child in this world!

Only Mohan's faith and confidence pushed her to come for this test.The receptionist called out their token number 54, they did not hear and she slightly irritated called out his name and both got up with a jerk.

The doctor after examining, gave them a form to declare that their intention is not for SDT , and Mohan signed his initials with a slight hope.

Nisha was taken to the scan room and the doctor who did the scanning said that the baby is doing fine and the growth is also as per the stages and there is nothing to worry.

In the mean time Mohan contacted the doctor over phone and explained to him his plight, after a lot of coaxing the doctor agreed to give him a hint regarding the sex of the foetus.

Mohan after collecting the report turned it topsy- turvy and rotated ,read from backwards to forward and found nothing, he was angry as he has cut a huge sum to the doctor.

Disgusted he called the doctor again, and asked him openly. The doctor also ,understanding his trauma, replied to him , 'check the color of the ink of my signature and conclude!'

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