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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Are you surprised to see the title?

God has given us two ears to listen carefully but we do not do so, on the contrary, we listen by one and release by another.

Those days piercing of ears was done for both genders, it has become a fashion now for the stronger sex also to follow the weaker sex. Scientifically speaking piercing has got its own effect, courtesy accu pressure. There are some points in our body where giving a light pressure healing can be done, that was the reason piercing of ears was done by all communities.

While talking about the size of the ears, I observed that a majority of those who had big and long ears lived longer than those who do not. I had seen in my life- this is true. Those who have small ears are hardly good listeners.

Some have the ears at the same level that of the mouth joint. That is -draw a straight line from the side of your lips to the end of the earlobe they all will be in the same line, whereas for some it is not so.

From what I have seen in TV serials and media persons like anchors, reporters, there is one thing common. Out of curiosity I observed that around 20 % of them have difference in the shape and size of their ears. The right ear is different from the left.

Examples -check Dharmendra, Jackie Shroff and some TV artistes. Actually, once while I was watching the serial ‘kolangal’, I found the lady, playing the character of Menaka, has her left ear differ in size and shape and she very conveniently covered it with her hairstyle, may be her makeup man has done so.

Do not blame me if you start watching the ears instead of the serials !!!!!!!

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