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Thursday, March 18, 2010


It is one's luck whether you get a good tenant or not. We constructed a big independent house with 2 BHK with portico, a well and one room, bath attached upstairs in Porur, in early eighties. It was a remote place those days with hardly any houses in the vicinity. Initial tenants were my m-i-l and b-i-l who lived for quite a number of years, later as he got a bank qrs, he left and we gave it on rent. Those days an independent house could fetch in a deserted place like Porur a peanut amount of around 400 or so.
Till 1997 we had one or the other problem with the tenants, never till now we can say that the rent came to us properly without a reminder. That’s kismet.
We had to depend on my s-i-l for contacting the tenants and she would have to board 2 buses to meet them or find out.
Then we decided to sell it off as we could hardly monitor from Gujarat. In the mean time in 1996, we booked [in my name] for a 2 BHK flat in Anand, thinking we would settle there.
Fortunately, a prospective buyer came for the Porur house and we sold it off. So one head ache of the rent was off our head. We moved to our new flat in 1999, when I had to vacate and move to B’lore, I had no other option but to let that flat for rent.
We have purchased this NGV 3 BHK by 2002.
From 2003 to 2006, we had problem- hi- problem. Both the tenants,[ one a very south Indian Tamilian and another a Guajarati ] tested our patience by not giving the rent regularly, monthly but in instalments the meager amount that too after a lot of STD calls , though we had one of our family friends as a caretaker. Once I visited the flat to see how my south Indian friend, who joined the school after I left, had maintained the flat.
Oh, god, he did not keep any servant and his wife was doing all the house hold work with their little child and the house was so shabby with the scribbling on the walls by the kid. I felt so bad, I let it out to our country fellow thinking that the flat would be well maintained but it was not so.
It took a lot of effort to move them from the flat and later white washing the flat for the new tenant consumed more than a month’s rent.
We found it difficult to monitor from here, so were looking for selling and finally sold it off.

Later in 2006 went for a 2BHK in Ejipura- closer to inner ring road signal. Again luck was running out the tenant whom we fixed gave all post dated cheques, but tied our hands every month by saying to deposit after this date or that date, once the cheque bounced also. The couple belong to DIG, [double income group.] still the sad plight for us. So had to look for the next, this is like the new broom sweeps clean type; initially there was no problem later the true colors came out, the regular delay in paying the rent. If at all paid, it is after ourumpteen smss .

Now we decided to fix a new one, let us see. Main purpose of writing this is the way the tenants keep the house. I am of the opinion more than those who stay, the ladies who work should keep the house in order, definitely they would have servants to do the chores, and then what is the problem in keeping them clean?

There is no fixed place for things everything is everywhere and it is utter chaos. On Monday I went to show the flat to a future tenant, and I was shocked to see the flat in a mess, how can a person be so lazy and that too when I have given notice of bringing a person?

Hi folks whether you work in office or at home the energy you throw inside is important, I hope at least every tenant takes care of this clean house clean positive energy.


  1. My family doctor used to say this. Our body is also like a house, the moment you keep open the main door, every dirt and germ would love to come in and it will be a difficult task to get rid of them, similarly, if you keep the main door of your body (mouth) open only for selected guests, your body will also be fine nu.

    Oh yaa, indha tenants tholla perum tholla, adhaan I have asked my dad not to rent any of our houses in Chennai, ellaa veedume pooti thaan irukku :)

  2. Ellarume varumbodu nalla manushala varraa, aanal vandu konja naalileye saayam velukka aarambichudaradu.

    We do not have any testing tool for tenants.