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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blind Faith or Foolishness ?

In the past two days TV news channels are broadcasting the stupidity of the villagers in the name of blind faith which is going on for years.

First is women are beaten and trampled upon . Women after their bath are whipped by men to get them relieved of body pains!!!!, they are made to lie on their stomach and men carrying a palanquin trample on them and there is no cry over it, if it is a custom carried on for decades, it shows the male dominated societies. If it is a simple cure why can't the men lie down and women trample on these idiots. What if the same women folks suffer from pain, dislocation and fracture in future? Who will whip these men folks to wake up?

Next is the AP in news, many small school children are in the name of MARTIAL ARTS made to lie on their stomach and with their hands extended. Just to give them the courage and to be brave , two and four wheelers are run over their fingers . Tiny kids obey under pressure from thier parents and supposed to be their gurus to this nonsense daring act.

Literally and figuratively speaking their future lies in their hands!

What if they fracture their fingers , knuckles or their hands? How can a parent be a part of this gruesome act?, Were they paid for their children's participation? Where is the Human Rights Commission or Child Rights Commission?

Bravery does not come at this age that too becoming a fool in the hands of the M.V Ramana- the Martial art teacher. The cream is the two eminent Chief Guests [ Cheap guests ] an MLA , and the local Mayor.Both give the speech by saying that children will gain confidence and be brave. What they need at this juncture is mental stamina and confidence and not physical injury which would ruin their whole future.

But who would come to their rescue their parents, society or children themselves?

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  1. As long as the literacy rate is low in this country, these kinds of fake ppl will take advantage and tarnish the face of the society.

    I would blame those innocent ppl who are risking their lives in the name of faith and belief :( all we can do at this point in time is to pity them and nothing more than that.