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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Green Signal

Every one talks about Red Light area, but no one thinks about the circumstances which pushed the girls into it. Clapping is done with both hands, and unless you have the men folk visiting this Area, how can the blame be shifted only to the girls involved in this ? In the first place as long as you have visitors, the Area will exist, secondly why punish and brand only the girls, when are we going to identify and parade the menfolk who frequent these outlets?

Many are compelled to enter and given a chance no one will take up this willingly, no fool , it is painful physically , mentally and morally brings down a person.

It is surprising to see women folk themselves engaging as Dalal mint money with the help of some menfolk.

The society will improve - either you recognize these people, or have some rehabilitation for these pathetic people. Though many organisations have taken up and trying to give education to these Red Light area children who do not know their fathers.

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