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Friday, March 26, 2010

Efficiency Displaced !

Recently, some 20 days back, my husband's younger sister's m-i-l expired on a sunday, after hearing the news, my husband left  for  Ashok Nagar, Chennai to take part and be of help to my b-i-law as he is alone.He had found out that the booking for cremation needs to be done and since they went thro' an agent , it was given for Monday, the 8 th ,11 o'clock morning slot at the crematorium near Jayaraj Theatre.

My husband reached in the morning. He found out that they have not got the death certificate of the 86 years lady who passed away the previous evening, he along with two of his nephews , reached the reputed clinic located on the 100ft road, to procure thecertificate.

I need to mention that the repeated attempts by my nephews went futile and they were scared to be harsh with the hospital authorities.It is their family health clinic and they frequented with the slightest cold in sight.

Having learnt this, my husband accompanied by these two warriors, approached the clinic authorities for the same. First they gave the reply that the doctor who declared dead would come and give the certficate. After waiting for 10min, my husband again asked them and time was ticking out and if they miss the 11 am slot, they were not sure of the cremation.

After giving them his piece of mind, [ the twosome were making my husband not to be rude or harsh,] my husband finally blew his top , in top of his voice [ he doesn't require a mike ] the duty doctors and the others rushed to him to convince him.

He just told them that his sister's house people are frequent to this clinic, the old lady had been their patient for a long time and the doctor who declared dead, was known to and was treating them, and what prevented them from giving the certificate.But they insisted that only the same doctor  need to issue the certificate and they are not authorized to do so.

Later, after a lot of exchange of fuming words, they handed over the certificate stating that so and so passed away on this day time that too in a non refined English, the first question he asked them was whether the one who issued the certificate studied from Bihar or under some quota?
He blasted them right and left and made them re-do it by stating the name , age, address, and was a patient, who was ailing from blah....... under treatment in this clinic, passed away at, day ,date . They gave it without any clinic seal. When asked they said quite casually that that is how they issue the certificate! He insisted that they put the clinic seal and finally got it half an hour before the body was taken for cremation.

The ordeal did not get over!

Then came the electric crematorium. Here some people were there, and the minute the turn came , first they said, power had gone and they need to wait for an hour. When my husband questioned in that case how come  a body was burning inside. They said it was due to YERI VAYU.
They were not ready to allow this body to be cremated unless they found out a way to get their palms creased. Sensing this , my husband asked them to give the caretaker's name and phone number. ' Phat' came the reply that they need to be paid Rs. 1000/- each, for four of them to do the job.
They do not know it is like 'kallile naar urikkaradu' with my husband, he knows the rules and he will not bribe wherever and however serious the matter is! He said that when it is written that it is free and on contract, why should he pay them in the first place, if needed, then he should be given the cell number of the contractor. 

For this they said the contract is in the name of 'AZHAGIRI' [ which one we do not know], this may be to scare or try quoting 'big shots' name so that no one questions them. Again and again when my husband insisted on the number, one of them said the current had come and the body could be cremated!!!
They also read the pulse of my husband and finally it was over, and they thought that they would be paid the amount quoted, but all they could get was Rs. 1300/-,only when they said they were four, my husband told them that he could see only two and they replied one was there and the other was somewhere.

Whatever you say, from the time of birth to death, every where corruption and the atrocities are endless and countless.

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