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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

World AIDS Day Dec, 1

Here I am writing a story of a story, but for the main incident other things like people, place and other details are all imaginary.

Manoj Nimbalkar and Rajen Nimbalkar's father owns a reputed Textile industry and after their father's demise they are not given an equal share of in the property. The reason being though Manoj is the elder son , he does not have a son or a daughter to inherit the property, so his father has written a major share to Rajen, who has a son studying in class nine.

Now comes the story line.

Manoj very upset with his father's will did not like being sidelined. The next reason being that he knows that he is not going to live for long as he is an HIV+ve patient .He very well knows that he stands a little chance to survive and it is immaterial whether he is going to get a lion's share.

The devil in him wakes him up, and the best thing is to teach a lesson to his innocent brother who has the least role to play. The best way is to take away his son from him. What else is there except pass on the asset he possessess.

He lures his nephew and spends a night with him and now even God cannot do anything. Silently he has passed on the AIDS to his nephew.


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